Hlimw fucking SLAYS on Tinder. (50 matches first 12 hours)

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I'd previously been using Orb and the miscer DeadHead's pictures to no avail so I tried using Hlimw's pictures. At first, i.e. after the first batch of swipes had ran out, I only had about 4 matches and the girls with all mediocre.

But when my "likes" had renewed themselves and I went through the second batch of girls 12 hours later, it was fucking ridiculous how many matches I got. Literally every time I swiped right, I got a match. Now I'm sitting with 52 matches after having only 4 yesterday.

Now that I've got all the matches, I'm just going to either use it as practice or troll them/say/ask stupid shit. Anyone got any ideas of how I can take advantage of the situation for lols? They will respond positively given that he's better looking than literally every other male in my Tinder area.

Here's the photos I used:






"Promise" to meet them in a small cafe. Be there and film the situation.
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cant say i am surprised / 10
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cats wrote:Ask the girls for nudes

The fact I'm nervous about asking for nudes even whilst using a fake account just goes to show what a high-inhibition anxietycel I truly am.

not surprising, he is photogenic enough to run all or nothing game

but i don't believe for a second that he would do better than orb. orb is more MM-tier than him, and that's just his shitty pics in his room. if orb took professional photos he could legit sell them to magazines

Orb is ugly compared to hilmw. Orb looks odd and has recessed orbitals. Orb could model but that's not saying much since modeling companies pick the oddest looking people to model at times

this is obvious!!! he legit slays more than Gandy... Not even joking.
He isn't better looking but legit slays more prime sloots than Gandy
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He's generically handsome with no flaws. He's the "average" type of guy that a 7+ girl would LTR.

He's the type of guy that perfectly fits in with cool downtown people in trendy parts of the city.

did u actually use pics with the girls face blurred out?

gobman3000 wrote:He's generically handsome with no flaws. He's the "average" type of guy that a 7+ girl would LTR.

He's the type of guy that perfectly fits in with cool downtown people in trendy parts of the city.

Yes, he doesnt look special like mms and thats good. He is universally attractive+ pics with girls and looking social and neurotypical boosts him.

Did I not fucking tell you?

AmberEyes wrote:Cuz he's not THAT good looking and he's def not the slayer type. He's too pretty.

Use this and watch the bitches flock to it.


Inb4 he's "averagely attractive". There's literally nothing average about his face. Sunken cheeks without looking emancipated, straight brows, square jaw, great hairline etc. etc.

Lol at the coping.

He's in the top 5th percentile easily, nearing the top 1%

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