Why you're uglier than you think and look better in mirror

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medjon wrote:
Techno Viking wrote:If you had sufficient height, facial bone mass and frame size you wouldn't care about this shit
If we all had that this forum wouldn't even exist.

yes it would, there are plenty of guys here with fucked brains

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Reason: Requested in PM

I remember a video being posted on here where people were asked to rate themselves, everyone rated themselves above average and they rated their personalities 8-9/10 almost every time, some lulz were had watching that video

MichaelSzny wrote:Fucking lol, I'm a 2 then. :lol: :lol:


Techno Viking wrote:
germanDream wrote:ehh how about variance in camera quality, lighting, distance, angle etc?
you need to control for that. so either you get on pictures with other people and judge yourself compared to them or you just look into the mirror.

if you need to go to those lengths to determine if you're attractive or not you are not attractive

Also a low bodyfat percentage is a must.

I hate when good first posts get deleted. medjon was a legit poster.
Warning! The preceding content may contain elements of sarcasm that are difficult to understand for autists. Reader discretion is advised.


You adjust the perception of things in relation to your own "metrics". The same thing happens when you see somebody you know in the mirror, i.e. just like the individual sees himself/herself most of the time. I saw the mirror image of my mother and friend and was shocked, how ugly they looked.

You are constantly adjusting mental representation of reality, this is the reason you sometimes find somebody not so attractive and sometimes quite hot. You are deluded by your own physiological or subconscious mechanisms, that are mostly out of your control.

viking wrote:I hate when good first posts get deleted. medjon was a legit poster.

yeah i hate when people not just leave but also get all their posts deleted

and then return two days later under another alt

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