Can we discuss Blake Griffin?

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brutal height
brutal frame for his height
brutal forward growth of the face
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Yeah he is a true legit Dom pussy Slayer. No if ands or buts. Mixed race master race too.

Mouth Breathing Master Race Rules All!!!!


That's a successful HGH experiment right there.
PinVistheonlyIOI wrote:I legit looked at the mirror for 2 hrs just being pissed at myself for being so ugly

PuaKiller wrote:LOL at having your dick Jew'd off when you're an infant. 8-)

RudeRudy wrote:6ft-6ft0.5 is masterrace

Ridiculous coping.
No way that you even believe that yourself.

MichaelSzny wrote:Fuck we could be twins with that forward growth.

yeah. except the fact that his jaw also has some vertical growth

His airways must be twice as broad as the average human's.


if u dont have the capability to crunch a mans skull single-handed your life is a failure

A lot of his appearance of forward growth comes from his bimax. Still has good forward growth though

extremely heavy set robust brow ridge, u can see it from this GIF, his brow ridge probably weighs 2x as much as the average males brow ridge, look how high it starts from the side. very DOM high pren t eyes too


heilsa wrote:

The ape is strong in this one
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