some androgonous men considered attractive to women

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cosmonaut wrote: AKA he is androgynous. Why are androgynous guys still considered attractive to women, even though they have so many genetic flaws?

I wouldn't call it genetic flaw. I like to call it advanced human.
Bri0 wrote:One day I tought putting my head in my school bag was great to hide myself from maths interrogation,they called me out and I started laughing. srs

theboss wrote:Again I want to stress this there is no redpill, just a bunch of retards who figured out reality too late

He has pretty eyes, good bone structure, and shiny, soft-looking hair.

Considered attractive to asexual plain jane ugly women. Sexually attractive women are busy getting fucked by slayers, not posting on tumblr or youtube.

In case this twink has a gf, I already can tell you how she looks like: 0 ass, 0 tits, anorexic ugly alien face... 0 sexual dimorphism, in other words, his looksmatch.
RSA crew

He has pretty iris. His bones are weak but his eyes are pretty to gaze at. That is all.

Mouth Breathing Master Race Rules All!!!!


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