Science: Taller People Live Longer

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That's actually surprising to me, I'd have imagined taller people die younger due to increased risk of cancers and other complications. Bigger dogs tend to have shorter life expectancies than smaller dogs, surprised this doesn't hold with humans as well.

Short men live longer - and it's all because of their genes

Study of 8,000 men shows short men lived longer than their taller peers
Scientists found short stature may be related to gene linked to longevity
Shorter men more have lower blood insulin, and less likely to have cancer ... -says.html

Shorter men live longer, scientists find
Shorter men are likely to live longer, scientists find, with those under five-foot-two reaching the greatest age ... -find.html

We've long known that short people live longer than the taller among us. Past studies have examined the relationship between height and lifespan of populations around the world, suggesting that shorter people generally live longer lives, while taller people are more likely to have certain illnesses and develop various types of cancer. ... 56759.html

Short people - longer life
There was also no clear cut-off point at which point being even taller stopped you living any shorter, or vice versa. Dr Willcox said: “The folks that were 5-2 and shorter lived the longest. The range was seen all the way across from being 5-foot tall to 6-foot tall. The taller you got, the shorter you lived.”


I don't even care about longevity, make me 6'6 and kill me at 40 over living to 80 and being <5'8

After 60 people around you deteriorate significantly, you look old, people start dying and getting diseases

just LOL at wanting to live past 40


3D Face Analysis wrote:There are plenty of studies concluding taller people live longer. I found them in just a few minutes of Googling.

I found 3 claiming tall people live longer, I found 13 claiming short people live longer.

inb4 manlet coping, Im fine with my 180cm, but 2 or 3 more would be nice :mrgreen:

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