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what detrmines eye width?
doctors say that all human eyeballs have the same size, but why do some people have wide enlongated feline eyes, and some others have some small rat round eyes.
its not just the eyelid shape, they look like they have wider eyeball. if i stretch my eyelid corner, i see the red part, and its still narrower to a friend of mine who has wide eyes.
lookologists, explain in depth.
is there any surgery for this.


its between 30-31mm for every1. although jews do have beady eyes, theyre probably all on 30mm, dont know what affects it, probably just an ethnicity thing

orbital width is what affects how the eyes would look like

Thad Castle for example has very wide orbits.



Now look at this jew




Oh yea, say hello to every incels' nightmare

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orbital width is everything theory in the making!!!

I have chinky, thin feline eyes like Megan Fox in that picture.

Are there any cutting edge surgeries to extend the inner canthi? I want wolf eyes like Gandy.

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