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New Poster wrote:
SupportLocalSluts wrote:
I'm sorry it's trite, but it's the truth. Accept your situation, take good care of yourself, and get good at meeting lots of women through friends. It's the only thing you can do.

There's no use obsessing over the fact that Chad had a genetic advantage over you. It changes nothing.

Wow, you're just off in your own little world aren't you? You're not even taking the time to understand what the argument is about. I'll give you the cliffs:

OP says that people have enough EQ to get women
I point that IQ has nothing to do with attraction
You post shit about Chad-envy (total non-sequitor)

He's right. In order to play the numbers game, you need decent social skills. People here want to skip that step and be able to just stand against the club wall waiting for girls to proposition them for sex like what happens to Chad.
Two or three surgeries away from being Ja Rule gang.


willymonfret wrote:dude I am ugly as fuck thanks to my Blepharitis.if I didnt have that issue I would be legit in the club every week,meeting girls,making new friends,even getting a real career.

I am too insecure to go outside when Im ugly.on the days where my eyes are oke I readily go outside.

so Yes,Looksmaxing is relevant for some of us.Im a social , nice guy to most people.I need Eye surgery ,Laser treatments to get rid of all facial hair ,I need to add mass .

the invisible hand is always throwing obstacles at me and Im gonna beat it .I will be happy.Iwill not give up and accept mediocrity.fuck you sluthate.fuck you misery.

I will ASCEND.


SupportLocalSluts wrote:He's right. In order to play the numbers game, you need decent social skills.

No. Not really. You don't need much social skill besides the ability to small talk in order to flirt. You don't need to have Jane Austen level tact and social awareness to be able to get laid. It's actually pretty fucking simple.

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Ignobilid wrote:First of all, lol, hilarious example of "tact and social awareness", as Jane Austen was pretty much incel as fuck and managed to die a spinster in 19th century England of all places... talk about incel. :lol:

Wait, weren't you the one saying that high EQ means you're great with the opposite sex? Guess she just needed more emotional intelligence -- lol.

Ignobilid wrote:Now as for small talk and flirting? You call it "pretty fucking simple". And yes, you are technically correct

No, I'm entirely right. The bar for social skills is ridiculously low and almost everyone gets over it. The sticking point is looks.

Ignobilid wrote:But there's a minority of people who are lacking in such social skills. Let's say 50% is male and 50% is female, the awkward females will still get laid because men tend to be the pursuing party. So about 5% of guys are too akward and weird to even make small talk or flirt properly. These guys end up posting on SlutHate, and to them I directed my post.

This is all made up in your head.

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theboss wrote:All your doing is wasting your life.

strong words from the well known autist
Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

mrz's HDD wrote:
Ignobilid wrote:
A recent poll suggests 44% of members are honestly, openly autistic and the remaining 56% is undiagnosed or in denial:


So your proof is a private poll whom could have been easily sabotated by trolls...seem's legit. It's still invalid because

1. Autism is diagnosed by a certified specialist not a basement dweller like you and SupportLocalSluts
2. We're talking about a disoder with a probability of 1 in 68 or 0.01470588235%. Do you really think half this forum has autism? My god what a retard.

And of course,when actual verified facts are said,broscience disappears. :lol:

What Kiwifarmers said was biased,misinformed, and used faulty reasoning to explain an over-generalization of the mental states of those that frequent Sluthate. They wouldn't understand this though, seeing as very few people are ever questioned on the validity of what they say over here.

who ever said that you need to be sociable to play the numbers game is just a tad retarded

You just have the blind obsession to plow through those numbers, I would actually say that its necessary to become LESS sociable to enable that immunity to the huge amounts of rejection an average looking guy faces in the dating scene....its part of the reason why guys settle VERY quickly they do NOT have the mental stamina to work the numbers...also its likely to fuck you up so you become a sociopathic as females

Its nothing to do with personality or autism or confidence you either work the numbers or you dont

I totally agree that a lot of users are wasting there lives "waiting to looksmax". But it's a bit of a jump from that to "everyone here who can't get laid is autistic".

And your reason for diagnosing everyone else with autism:
Seeing things in black and white.
Repeatedly talking about the same topic even though it is not relevant or of interest to other people.

oh the irony.

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