Does anyone eat tablespoons of coconut oil?

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Organic extra virgin coconut oil is probably the best shit you can add to your regimen. Shit goes straight to your balls.

Increases testosterone (richest source of saturated fat in nature).
Increases HDL while leaving LDL untouched.
Protects your balls from alcohol damage.
Increases metabolism.
Reduces 5ar. ... 008-3277-z

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I tried so hard but it was the most disgusting thing. I tried taking shots of it and mixing it with peanut butter but it was still too gross.
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I cook with it all the time and mix it in protein shakes. But not able to take a raw shot of it. Too disgusting.

So whats the human equivalent dosages as this was done with rats?

i eat 2 tablespoons a day. since i started taking it 3 weeks ago my acne reduced by around 80-90%. this is only effect i noticed.

i rub it into my scalp and genitals (when masturbating)


Yul Brynner wrote:I tried so hard but it was the most disgusting thing. I tried taking shots of it and mixing it with peanut butter but it was still too gross.

Try coconut butter. I can eat it raw and actually not puke.

ate coconut oil for 2 years. at first i did this to defeat my fucking candida.

i noticed a stronger boner in the morning.

Elite Looksmaxer wrote:i add a total of 30-40g daily to meals but its refined coconut oil. it is good enough or should i get virgin? last time i checked my cholesterol levels HDL was below the norm I need it go up!!!

what?! are you retarded?

inject it or gtfo


It also gives you a healthier skin condition.
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I add butter and coconut oil to most of my meals.
Eta I think resturants should start offering it as an alternative to butter or margerine
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Interesting...never consumed any coconut stuff myself.

Polys eat coconuts as part of their national diet, Coconuts are supposedly nutritious as fuck.

Two teaspoons of virgin coconut oil daily crew. Helps my skin a lot! And works great as a mouthwash too.
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Can confirm this shit is legit. I'm 55 and I'm strong and healthy as fuck thanks to dem coconuts. My testosterone levels are through the roof and, as you can see in my sig, I'm NW0.


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