Who here has actually 'approached'?

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ItalianClavicleCel wrote:Good responses here.

Basically either you get signals or you dont. If you don't, don't fucking bother approaching. It's harassment to them. You're fucked until you get a social circle and take advantage of the boyfriend hunters within. Period. There is NO reason for above average and even average women to have casual sex with average men, basic economics. Average men only get their sex with decent women in relationships

I don't think I have ever gotten a signal from a fuckable girl in my life at a party, club, bar or anything - probably because I am quiet and completely average looking. Personality definitely does help, if you are loud and boisterous and clearly leading a group, you will get more iois and general female attention for sure.

So all I am saying is you should go to clubs, parties and bars without any high expectations. Many girls are jaded and just there to sit on their thrones and get their periodic power trip from rejecting average guys, then go home with some alpha.

Truth is many decent girls would rather go home than fuck a run of the mill average man, let alone a sub5 incel.

The casual sex market is not for average men in 2014, unless you are one of the blessed few bucks who are into pork factories (I wonder where we have seen this phenomena before... *Cough* online *cough* dating)

Yeah, online dating is for pork shopping unless you are good looking. It's kind of where all status is extricated and women go solely by looks.

I've had lays through parties, but the girl was either a nympho or scanning for a boyfriend. I'm also loud and boisterous. It helps you get your feelers out and figure out who is and isn't interested very quickly without even offending any girls. You don't hit on them until you know they're interested through a bunch of non-verbal things happening. It can't be faked, you just have to enjoy partying. Cold approaching at a party is not really cold approaching, you're just being friendly with everybody and then scanning for interest.

You can also cold approach the girls you're at least matched with, but for us average guys, those girls are chubby or chicks with severe mental disorders. Pick your poison. It's very difficult to immediately spot a severe mental disorder on the street or at a bar, so good luck with that. Mystery fucked over so many oblivious people by tricking them into thinking looks didn't matter for cold approach when, in fact, they are everything.

If you're actually average and socially clued in enough, you should be able to probably go pork huntin at your local target. I've never done it, but I've had enough reciprocated warm gazes coupled with smiles or blatant instances of chubbies checking me out there that it seems like it would be possible. I've heard of guys pulling even from the fucking gas station with looks matched girls. But if you're average, again, your looks match is quite chubby. It's just not worth it.

One thing I have never done is go for girls who really do know my friends as more than passing acquaintances, who've spent years with them. You can really bat out of your league big time if you do that because of all your familiarity and status, but I imagine the relationship is a handbag type deal.
Two or three surgeries away from being Ja Rule gang.


RodgerRabbit wrote:Fuck no. Like others said, it's retarded without signals. And I either can't read them or simply don't get them, so that's the end of that.

To me it's like, shit either happens naturally, based on mutual attraction, or not at all. I'm not gonna jump up and down like a circus monkey BEGGING and PLEADING for a girl to like me. It's ridiculous. There's either attraction or there isn't. It's not alchemy, you can't just conjure it out of thin air. Trying to win over a girl is like trying to negotiate the price of a Ferrari, it's fucking stupid. Either you can afford to get it full price, no problem, or you can't. How do you bargain for attraction? It's not gonna happen.

That's how cuckolds and beta providers are made. They sell themselves like used cars and that's how women treat them. Letting someone settle for you is the most pathetic thing a man could possibly do. Like I said, if there's no equal mutual attraction, just forget about it.

High quality post right there
Eww face?
Know your place.

Over 500 women in nightclubs,1000+ online and roughly 100 during the day.

---> 2 dates, a handful of lays and a lifetime of mental scarring and depression

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