Who here has actually 'approached'?

Share your experiences with the opposite sex. Suggest ways to improve your success. Analyze the behavior of females in real life and online. Rant and rave about females. Show the importance of looks pertaining to attracting females and other social situations. Discuss aesthetics and the science of attractiveness. Exchange health, nutrition and looksmaxing tips.

I simply want to an idea of whether most incels here are in their current predicament because they are loveshy/high inhibition; or are simply shit at communicating with/impressing women.

Does anyone here want to admit having never approached a female in their lives?

i bet 70% of puahate nver coldapproached.

Triacel wrote:i bet 70% of puahate nver coldapproached.

Concur, but someone here must have been so misguided that they eventually tried it.

MintyMcCabe wrote:i've cold approached a lot

What were the results? Was there any joy whatsoever?

I haven't I'm going for social circle game and warm approaching.

Cold approaching is a death sentence for laughter and shame being sub 5'11

Cold approaching is death for almost everyone. I tried it for a while and got all of 2 lays for around 30-40 approaches. Killed my self esteem. Now its warm approaching or nothing.

Thats why most people on here don't have any girls in their lives. They never leave their house and interact. I used to be the same way but now I can meet girls at school, gym, work, online and just doing daily life stuff.

Norwood Cemetery wrote:
MintyMcCabe wrote:i've cold approached a lot

What were the results? Was there any joy whatsoever?

yes i got a few lays, few girlfriends, but i put in an outrageous amount of approaches.

It fucked my brain up. I felt like a criminal doing it and wondering when mall/campus security would give me shit.

This is just a hyperbole exaggeration, it feels like 1000 approach 100 dates 1 lay. It seems like that to me.

I've never approached a random girl and asked her out or to fuck me. I've always talked to them at least once prior. Usually I have known them for months, and met them at least two or three times on different occasions.

Yes I have done a few cold approaches and had some success. My problem is I have to be in a really good mood to do it and that hasn't happened in a while.
RandyOrton wrote:Most people here are fragile skulled pencil necked chumps afraid to even take roids lol.

ItalianClavicleCel wrote:I "opened some sets" back in my day when I looked like a fat mafioso plumber... Needless to say - nothing came out of it except fake numbers and "I have a boyfriend" crap right off the bat.

I'm still hesistant to do it now even though I am objectively better looking now since I lost some weight... I felt like subhuman dogshit who was harassing girls. Coupled with the fact that I have been rejected in some warm approaches this year and I currently have no job or social circle with girls - I'm going to take a shot in the dark here and say that my sexual market value is a big fat zero.

I tried approaches at bars too at the time. None of them wanted an average joe like me anywhere near them. I took the hints pretty quick that every single one of them wanted me to fuck off and leave them alone. There is no reason an average man should be cold approaching average women in 2014 - they will ALL act like they are too good for you. Such is life with the Y chromosome. You just get shit on endlessly.

For sub8 guys who arent cold approaching - you arent missing out on much

So can we categorically put the whole notion of CA down to a fraudulent PUA tool?

I.ve never cold approached a woman in my life. I've probably warmed approached one woman, after meeting her an hour earlier.

Every guy here bitching about women and dating who hasn't even approached one female is fucked beyond aspergers.

Approaching is pointless without the girl giving you SIGNALS. The reason the incels here haven't approached is because no girls are giving signals.

icantevengetfatgirls wrote:Approaching is pointless without the girl giving you SIGNALS. The reason the incels here haven't approached is because no girls are giving signals.

Most guys here can't read social cues.

PornCel wrote:
icantevengetfatgirls wrote:Approaching is pointless without the girl giving you SIGNALS. The reason the incels here haven't approached is because no girls are giving signals.

Most guys here can't read social cues.

Lol yepp.

PUA is a fake autism therapy. That's why there is an overwhelmingly large group of guys here with official ASD diagnoses. This isn't a conspiracy theory unlike sub-8 theory.
Two or three surgeries away from being Ja Rule gang.


I get social cues in a lambo(NOT MINE CAN NOT AFFORD), still didnt matter, or that she weighed more than me or from a povo area.
Neotenous head = INCEL DOOM to any girl over 17.

i've cold approached and it's just worth it imo.

i can't get 6+ women cold approaching. i've day gamed alot and get very few numbers from the approaches i put in. none of them led to dates. i almost exclusively aim for 6+ women, maybe that's my problem. because very few 5's or 4's do it for me. if they were offering it on a plate i probably wouldn't turn down a 5, but when it comes to cold approaching a 5 most of the time im not physically attracted enough to want to put the effort in.

imo don't do daygame in london unless you're a white dude, and atleast a 6 ...because at the end of the day, for the amount of effort you put in you'll get paltry returns. having to put in 100 approaches just to fuck a 5 is just not worth it imo. it's like having to run 5 miles to get a free mars bar. i think i'll pass.

nightgame, i don't even approach anymore. its not worth it.

since i realised i can now attract a tiny bit of female attention my game is now, go to nightclub. hang around area's where you are likely to get attention [smoking area]. if you get no attention then meh, nothing gained nothing lost. if you get some ...then depending on my mood [and the calibre of the girl] i might try it on. generally i'll get smiled at or approached atleast once on a night out.

i can see why bouncers get so much poon now. i saw this very average ethnic bouncer last saturday get a fair bit of attention. there was nothing remarkable about him at all. also a 4/10 black bouncer who looked around 45 was getting attention from that same 7/10 white girl. it was just cause he was a bouncer, definitely not their looks. obviously every night he's not gonna get attention ....but if he's standing around there week after week then i can well imagine once in a while pussy will just float his way.

i guess by me standing around doing nothing im kinda running a poor mans bouncer game since i have no club status. therefore it's much more essential I try to look as good as possible.
mrz wrote:Those who argue against me are invariably religiously delusional with propaganda, or otherwise they are simply sociopaths, those are the only two possible reasons that anyone would argue against me.

flicking hair only signals lack of immediate rejection. And most people smile all the time in social situations.

I have approached in the university library but despite the initial ballsiness it requires to throw yourself into an interaction 'cold' it does nothing if there is not attraction there. I only really got numbers from 5s etc
alienfranco wrote:My creepy uncle and his pitbull are probably the only ones alive who care about me. My uncle's pitbull is always happy when she sees me.

backagain wrote:Well, life is a series of hills and valleys - its just a matter of patience to get to the next hill, the next high point - savour the moments when they come but don't be foolish enough to think they last

Pariah wrote:It's addicting because it has this weird combination of truth you won't find elsewhere with total insanity

I approach regularly in night clubs. Not exactly "cold approach" I guess since I wait for ioi's at first, though sometimes I try cold approaching. I get a decent amount of numbers and make outs from that, but as far as ONS are concerned it's a little tricky. I must admit, I usually avoid conversation and do most of my approaching on the dance floor. I'm a bit aspie when it comes to talking with women, I usually don't know where to take the conversation.

gobman3000 wrote:Jank dropping in yet again to claim that everyone has autism except for him. Elaborate projection.

Bud, I have a kissing cousin of autism disorder: AD/HD. 1 in 4 according to misclegend's list is not me claiming everyone here has it.

It can't really be faked regardless of what the 4chan autism bucks folks tell you. That forum is an aspie haven - it's no surprise folks can get an ASD diagnosis easily from there.

Yes i still cold approach in nightclubs

Used to do day game stuff but it was so weird i stopped doing it

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