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The cure is here brahs.
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medjon wrote:He took a million different supplements.

Cure is still cure brah.

i look like after with pre shltty diet

i look like after with pre shltty diet

Realise wrote:i look like after with pre shltty diet

Resistant body or age <21 of peace

u got any pics of skin clarity differences?

Realise wrote:u got any pics of skin clarity differences?

Can't u already tell?

Before: shitty skin, dry skin, pale skin

After: glowing skin, clear skin, shiny skin

Interested to see what the diet is whilst not following one little bit.
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ruskiroid wrote:Is that you? What's the diet?

No its my good buddy Taeian. I won't bother posting my pictures since I already have a good hairline and had diffuse thinning going on so pictures couldn't prove shit unless I had taken the before and after with a legit camera (which of course I didn't). And of course I caught everything on early.

The diet is no dairy, no grains, lots of meat, fish, chicken, fruits, vegetables. Then in addition lots of stuff like ginger, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, cloves, garlic, sea salt. Then vitamins and minerals really depend on your lifestyle which ones u might need

so the diet is growing your hair longer and not washing them for 2 days and avoiding photographing the lack of density which is more obvious with shorter hair?

I had these EXACT same results when I did this, I've even posted about it before.

The diet is no dairy, no grains, lots of meat, fish, chicken, fruits, vegetables. Then in addition lots of stuff like ginger, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, cloves, garlic, sea salt. Then vitamins and minerals really depend on your lifestyle which ones u might need.

Ketogenic diet + proper supplementation and ACV is LEGIT for hairloss. Not to mention I was outside a LOT (vitamin D) and exercising regularly, rather than sitting inside eating high-carb foods (especially soda). I think I'm going to stop taking fin but continue using minoxidil for the beard growth but eventually get off it too.

Nutrition is the golden key, boys.
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My stack is VERY similar to this, which makes sense because I based it off of this stack,

Molybdenum: 500mcg 3 times /day (Or with meals)
Also helps displace Copper.

Niacinamide (b3): 500-1000mg before bed.
Beneficial to sleep, cancer, anxiety AND hair loss.

Green Tea Extract: 3 to 6 caps /day

Omega 3 Fish Oil: 3 to 4 gelcaps or more /day
Quells inflammation.

Cod Liver Oil: 3 to 6 gelcaps /day
Quells inflammation.

If you’re only going to take one type of fish oil, choose Cod Liver Oil.
Has the bioavailable form of vitamin A, which is needed for vitamin K2 (below) to be absorbed.

Vitamin K2 (MK-4): 500mcg-1mg
K2 shuttles Calcium from your blood to your bones. The less Calcium in your blood, the less that will be available to settle into your scalp and prevent hair growth.

If calcium is settled in your scalp, your **** is all clogged up and you can’t get any blood up there to give your hair the nutrients it needs to grow.

K2 also prevents arterial calcification. Really good for heart health.

Vitamin E: 400mg /day
For optimal circulation which is needed to get nutrients to the scalp.

Boron: 3-20mg /day
Start low, gauge how you feel. Cycle 3 days on, 3 days off.

B Vitamins: Full-Fat Liver Powder contains a range of b vitamins.
B vitamins give you energy. People deficient in B vitamins tend to have sleep disorders and low HGH (HGH helps hair growth).

Liver powder is superior to B-complex vitamins because B-complex vitamins contain B6, which can cause nerve damage (and is linked to autism). P-5-P is the broken down version of B6 and will not cause these problems.

P-5-P (Pyridoxal phosphate): Up to 300mg /day
Inhibits prolactin. Prolactin makes you shed.

Taurine: 1400-3000mg /day.
Rids the body of fibrosis including liver cirrhosis and scalp fibrosis.

Fibrosis of the scalp prevents new hair from growing.

Baking Soda: 3-4tsp /day taken in glasses of water throughout the day (on an empty stomach or 45 mins after meals, not before meals though as it neutralizes stomach acid)

Candida fungus thrives in acidic (low-oxygen) environments. Baking Soda alkalizes (high-oxygen environment) the body so Candida cannot survive.

Baking soda 30 minutes after meals will help final stage digestion after food leaves the stomach and enters the duodeum.

Cayenne Powder: 1 capsule with large meals
Helps digestion, can heal stomach uclers and improve heartburn.

Take all of the fat-based supplements together.

Use topically on scalp:

Apple Cider Vinegar: Rinse scalp every other day before bed.
Mix 2-3 tbsp in a small cup of water. Rinse your scalp with it, rub it in, and dry your head with it still in. Sleep with it in your hair. It'll kill topical fungus AND clear calcium deposits which prevent hair growth (mpb people have this badly)

Bragg’s brand is the best; most health food stores have it.

Niacinamide and Boron:
After the vinegar rinse, open one Niacinamide and one Boron capsule and dump them in a bowl. Add a few trickles of water to create a paste. Rub it on your bald spots. Many people report new hairs to spring up within weeks.

Use in the shower every other day at first, then reduce to 2-3 times /week. Leave in for 5-10 mins.
The 2% formula is best, but I could only find the 1%. I use it every day. You can use a very small amount. I use about 3 dime-sized applications for mpb areas.

Nizoral is an antifungal. Many people think it works because of its anti-DHT properties, but those are actually much weaker than popularly believed.

Datak Tarr wrote:

LurkoLantern wrote:sigh...well I guess somebody has to come in and give a swing of the reality stick. It's for your own good though, boys.

Nothing in the original post is accurate or true as it relates to hair loss (with the exception of the nizoral mention). I know OP, I know. When I first started losing my hair I tried the same approach. Many people have - heck, there's whole industries built around this. And that should be the first clue that you're falling into a marketing trap: You're in a desperate situation, and there are people that stand to make money off it. The VERY FIRST snake-oil salesmen were selling "miracle" elixers specifically to cure hairloss. They said they were nature's miracle, and they made a chit-ton off the rubes.

I'm now 32 years old. I began balding at 17, and used every manner of over-the-counter supplement and vitamin, including all of the ones that you'd mentioned. I threw my money away in the hopes that some natural cure could succeed in reversing my hair loss. The only thing it does is ensure that both your hair and your wallet will be thin.

The items listed in this regimen have been around for decades in pill form. Hair loss has been around forever. So how come this dudebro Taieon is the first one to crack the code, and not the myriad of scientists that have been searching for a cure for many years? Because it's pure nonsense. What I've learned is that if a chemical is listed as being able to prevent hair loss, it would either have a peer-reviewed article written about it, or an article on the website. Anything else is a false claim propped up by the vitamin/supplement industry, which is permitted to say whatever they want.
It is proven in peer-reviewed medical journals that nizoral (or the active ingrediant, ketocozanol) will inihibit inflammation/dht and should be used as a tool against hair loss. Everything else on that list is just flushing your money down the toilet.

Don't feel bad, OP. I literally thought the same way you did. Hell, Steve Jobs is a genius, but when his doctors told him he had liver cancer, he rejected western medicine and sought out a vegan-friendly, supplement-heavy natural cure. Look where that got him.

LurkoLantern wrote:Oh, forgot to point out the flaws in Taieon's photos. Like I said, when ya'll get older and more experienced with people claiming chit about hair loss cures on the internet, you pick up some skills. Like I said, those folks have the advantage, because we WANT to believe.

-In the before photos, the only clear one has his hair wet/gelled, thus accentuating his thin areas.
-The after photos are all dry, so the individual hair shafts look thicker.
-Now take a deeper look at the after photos. He'd grown his hair longer, and it's combed in such a way so as to cover the temples. He has very dark hair, so his hair blends together more easily and covers the skin behind with ease.

I know this because I'd done similar tactics to hide my own thinning temples. This guy hasn't regrown a single follicle.

Even a miscer can see through this bullshit. Dude is redpilled as fuck.

wotm8brah wrote:
Realise wrote:u got any pics of skin clarity differences?

Can't u already tell?

Before: shitty skin, dry skin, pale skin

After: glowing skin, clear skin, shiny skin

maybe if the kanker hond took the befores in focus

lol he has still the exact same norwood, only grew his hair longer.

stop with this snake oil bullshit please
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