Femi-cunt: My vagina waits for no man

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There are so many myths about vaginas, it almost makes my head spin: They smell, they are all the same, too much sex makes them loose, virgin vaginas are the holy grail of tightness etc. It’s all bullshit – your vagina is awesome as it is and you don’t need special feminine wash or to worry about how you taste when your partner heads south. Our vaginas are self cleaning, stretchy marvels and an orgasm is better for a headache than paracetamol

As a feminist, it is interesting to see the ways in which female bodies and sexuality is policed or shamed in society and the linguistics surrounding this most ‘feminine’ of female parts is fascinating. Men want to control it at any cost; either by claiming it, naming it, reducing it down to a childlike entity that they have power over or by shaming it with terms like ‘whore hole’ or ‘gash.’

scaremongers (or trashboys) is that too much sex can make us super loose. BULLSHIT. Your vagina is a muscle. Now, most of my muscles don’t really do a lot unless napping and pouring cereal counts as a workout, but I am reliably informed that muscles are clever things. Your vag can stretch out and then snap right back; even after having a baby. He won’t get lost inside you even if you’ve slept with half of Hull; it’s a vagina, not the Bermuda Triangle. Side note – so tempting to explain this idea of loose lala’s away by saying it’s a response from insecure guys who worry about the size of their manhood…

No matter what girls say there are very few
Men on the planet that would willingly marry a girl who fucked many guys. I'd go so far to say that if most men knew the kinds of guys women have fucked, they wouldn't marry them at all even if it was one guy and he was a piece of shit degenerate.

Virgins are
All that matter for marriage. It's that fucking simple.

Bitter whore is too lazy to do kegels. Loose "la las" are real and they are your own fault.

lol if your pussy stinks then dont be mad when he decides not to eat you out.

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