Vitamines for a good skin

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Vitamin A in fish and milk
you need daily 1,3mg
It's against fast aging and for a smooth skin

Vitamine B
you need daily 7mg
Meat and fish
Vitamin b is considered as a "lifter" in the beauty scene. Important for regeneration of the cells

Vitamine C
you need daily 100mg
Its similar to botox. Makes you skin elastic and healthy colour.

Vitamine E
Oil, mango, paprica
smoothes your skin and important for regenration

Vitamine F
Nuts, pipfruit and vegetable oils
important for a clear and bright skin

Vitamine H (biotin)
yellow of the egg
daily 0,008 mg
elastic skin

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DO you think vitamin pills work or is it only from food?

would drinking vegetable oil work?
also how much should I drink?

DO you think vitamin pills work or is it only from food?

I'm not sure, but would prefer from food

would drinking vegetable oil work?

One teaspoons should be enough

Where'd you learn this? Kale is good for vitamins a and k

Searched from different studies and sites.

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