Copper-Zinc imbalance. (shout out to HansonMMMbop)

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Zinc supplements only make a big difference if your zinc defincent. If you already have high zinc in your body it wont do much.

3D Face Analysis wrote:
Anal prolapse wrote:
Courtesy of wikipedia:

Now I'm fucking off, cause I'm done arguing with retards.

Your broscience and copecelling is beyond hope. You will desperately clinge to anything that gives you hope you weren't destined to be subhumans.

LOL at you and have fun retards!

The Wikipedia statement has a "[citation needed]" tag at the end.

I've read anecdotes on the Internet that calcium DOES help white marks on nails disappear.

I saw that.

Nonetheless some sources say it is not due to any deficiency.

Some say it "might be", but then they list like 10 possible minerals and vitamins, not just Zinc.

Point is: LOL at self-diagnosis without doing actual tests

Dutch wrote:Remember HansonMMMbop posting about this...whilst scouring the Weston A. Price (whose 'fat soluble vitamin' theory I adhere to) site I came across this post.

I have two bridges in my mouth made out of a copper based alloy, it's been there for long and I didn't notice a fucking thing except my dieting working

I call this bs


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