Saw a supreme manlet get heightmogged by 100% of women

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I was coming out of the train station and noticed this pipsqueak entity trying to get in front of me (but failing becaise of the rushhour busy crowd around). I turned around to see this ethnikkkkk, bald, beard clean shaven uebermanlet MAN. He was late 20s to 30s. He was so short that I wanted to take pics but I couldn't as I was carrying bags.

Anyway, I let him go in front of me cuz I wanted to use some landmarks to estimate his height. Every single woman he passed heightmogged the shit out of him. He looked like he knew he was genetic shit. He put on the hood of his hoodie once out of the train station area and walked with a passive-aggressive gangsta bop.

But there were no landmarks enabling me to estimate his height. Until I saw him pass a parked car. A Nissan Navara:



5.41338583 feet (5 feet 461⁄64 inches)

He was easily shorter than the highest part of a car of this make and model.

So he was somewhere between 5 ft 4 and 5 ft 8 roughly???, but every woman heightmogged him so I'd go for the 5'4. I've never actually seen a "grown" "man" that short before. He even passed an african nigress leaning against a wall at a bus stop and she still heightmogged him.

Poor guy would go ER if he were tall enough to buy weapons and ammo. :rambo: :uzi: :pistodouble: :rambo: :uzi:

this happened. inb4 a man can't be that genetic trash
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white incel = aspie vocel

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