Wife tells husband they need sperm donor because he's short

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just the life of a beta provider cuckold.
100% guarantee she is fucking a male model on the side

such women is 100% legit
she wants good offspring and don't want to cuck her husband

his wife is mentally ill

any other woman would have simply cheated or gone to sperm bank without his knowledge

They're both cunts for wanting to have kids but i can see her point, its pretty damn sadistic for that manlet to want to pass on his god awful genetics onto some other unfortunate soul.

she seems pretty redpilled actually,why bring a short kid to this world when his formative years will be suffering

Could just give the kids hgh? How tall is the wife? My Dad is only 5'8 yet I'm 6'0 because my mother is 5'6. As long as she isn't a womenlette they should be okay. Even then my grandmothers parents were only 4'11 and 5'4 and she grew to 5'5.

It could be a catch 22. Bad genes vs not knowing your father. Best thing to do is not have kids at all.m

While his wife is a terrible person, he married her full well knowing that she didn't respect him due to his height. If it's that big of a deal to her, she subtly bitched about his height at some point. No pity party, but that woman is certainly a horrible person and he should divorce her.
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Two or three surgeries away from being Ja Rule gang.


Husband tells wife "we need a divorce attorney, cuz you're a bitch".

smike wrote:Husband tells wife "we need a divorce attorney, cuz you're a bitch".

Christ, he should've just got up and left right there and then. If she's disrespecting him to his face like this when they're alone, you can guarantee there is whole slew of shitty things she does. Dude needs some self-respect.

Doesn't want your baby=Doesn't want you

how can any woman want to breed with a manlet, wtf. this guy is being a baby (no pun intended)

he should simply be thankful there's a woman living with him and embrace the cuckold lifestyle. he'll get to watch her getting slayed by 6'+ alphas and shout encouragement while they pound her violently


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