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Watch the whole clip.

The girl at first rejects the short guy due to social conditioning even though his personality resonates with her.

She is just about to leave when the short guy mans up and confronts her in a commanding voice, thus projecting confidence.

He then proceeds to claim what belongs to him and ravishes her, going full alpha. The girl cannot resist his confidence and succumbs to his alphaness, gladly opening herself up in order to receive his seed.

The offspring will probably be taller and thus the short guy succeeded in diluting his genes which cause short stature by assuring that his children will be taller due to the tall genes of the female.

Also note how she encourages him to breed her fertile pussy by saying: "Take me you short little man, take me!"
which is, according to Sigmund Freud, the duality of "aggression and sexuality". They are not mutually exclusive, hence this is not to be seen as some kind of humiliation, rather as an aspect which fosters the buildup of sperm in the male.

Here is the video in question:

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