LMS is outdated, the new theory is SLIMED

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LMS (Looks Money Status) theory has done its job. People who lurk here frequently and those who just get out of mom's basement sometimes know there are many exceptions to LMS.

One example is George Sodini. He had decent L and M but his S was probably subpar due to he being a friendless computer nerd. Shouldn't he get laid according to LMS theory? Yes, but he could not get laid and offed himself in an heroic act of legitimate offence against modern society.

I present now SLIMED theory, straight out of the basement by yours truly, Red Pill Blues, an oldcel escort fucker who never had a gf and is going to hit 30 soon.

Looks In Motion

We already know Status. Rock stars, leaders of cults or gangs, drug dealers, dictators, etc., can get more and better pussy than a guy without Status but otherwise the same.

Yes, its Looks In Motion, not Looks. When you look at pics of Sodini, who had good face and body, its puzzling how he could not get laid. But what matters is Looks In Motion. When you see a You Tube video of Sodini, its shocking how awkward his body language, voice and facial expressions are. In motion, he had bad face, bad body and bad voice. Your LIM can be much lower than your L if you have bad gait, voice, body language or facial expressions, is physically awkward, etc..

Extroversion. Quiet, serious guys with no friends get laid a lot... in movies and comic books! Not in real life! If you don't talk a lot, if you don't feel energized by social interaction, if you don't enjoy being around people all the time, if you don't laugh out very loud for no reason, if you don't have tons of friends to hang out with, YOU HAVE A FUCKING MENTAL DISEASE called introversion. Tough luck getting pussy, buddy boy! You are a LOSER who thinks yourself smart because you post messages on Internet Fora and studies STEM crap! Get cured of your fucking introversion or demand euthanasia. Sodini had very low extroversion if you read about him. What to expect from a computer nerd oldcel.

Disinhibition. No one wants to be around a boring guy that does nothing interesting because he is a pussy afraid to do anything. Women like drama, danger and action. What chance did Elliot Rodger had with women, he didn't even fucking ASKED THEM OUT! He thought they would land on his tiny dick despite his low SLIMED score. Sodini didn't even drink for his last 20 years, he had nothing going on other than his boring computer job! What if he was a tatted up excon regularly getting into fights and always having free weed for chicks? Chicks dig bad boys who get into trouble not repressed nerds who do nothing.

LMS, SLIMED and Asperger's. Looking at the Undateables show its striking how there most women are severely deformed while most men are just average LMS Asperger's types. This seems to be the case of many members here. How does LMS explains this? LMS is full of holes! SLIMED sheds light on this matter. Asperger's have bad S, bad LIM even if they have average or good L, bad E and bad D! They are lowest of the low! Their SLIMEDmatch is a severely deformed woman.

LMS, SLIMED and the Blue and Red Pills. We were all told that studying, getting a good job, then getting M would give us the girl we always dreamed about. But why were jock types getting JB pussy non stop while we fapped alone in our rooms degenerating away body and soul? They had a high SLIMED score while ours was low. When we finally got M, we expected women to jump on our dicks but they kept riding the cocks of the same high SLIMED score types despite whatever M they have made or not. Thinking that M gives you pussy is a blue pill contamination in the rep pill of LMS. M gives you escorts and gold diggers, that's not about attraction, slaying, love, or validation. SLIMED gets rid of this remnant of blue pill, while unlocking deeper levers of the red pill - the IMED part.

Spread the word about the new theory. SLIMED is its name.



This is dedicated to George Sodini.

who said that looks only means looks in pictures? Looks obviously already includes looks in motion

E, D and aspergers are included in status

10/10 Thread.

Couldn`t have said it better.Want me to join youre crew ?
Bri0 wrote:One day I tought putting my head in my school bag was great to hide myself from maths interrogation,they called me out and I started laughing. srs

theboss wrote:Again I want to stress this there is no redpill, just a bunch of retards who figured out reality too late

wsolki wrote:garbage
who said that looks only means looks in pictures? Looks obviously already includes looks in motion

E, D and aspergers are included in status

Many people don't think of looks as looks in motion. People rate pics all the time here as if that meant a lot. Many people look at pics of Brio, Bulldog, etc., and don't understand what is wroing with their looks. I bet in motion they look awkward like Sodini. That is why SLIMED explictly says you need looks in motion.

Another problem with LMS is that anything gets stuffed under the label of Status. E and D are correlated with S, and actually also with LIM, just like L, M and S are correlated, but correlation doesn't mean its the same thing!

wsolki wrote:garbage
who said that looks only means looks in pictures? Looks obviously already includes looks in motion

E, D and aspergers are included in status

Sure, buddy boy! Swallow a little bit more of red pill.

incel scum wrote:Bullshit. L is all that matters!

L is important (specially L in motion) but that is not all. The world is not black and white.

Yul Brynner wrote:Straight outta da basement.

Like everything else you are going to find here.


This has been gone over at the very beginning. Attitude, personality, extroversion, low inhibition do not mean shit if u don't have LMS.

Extroverted, low inhibition guys who don't have LMS are regarded as creeps, assholes, crimininals, loudmouths, and tryhards. If the guy is lucky and has a back for humor then he might dodge those stereotypes but will still be friend zoned at best.

LMS is the staples everything else is contingent

WhiteMenCan'tBeIncel wrote:The inspiration for "SLIMED" theory:


Legit, my theory is based on PUA Hate / Slut Hate discussions.

There is some talk here on LIM and E and a lot on D (usually referred to as low inhibition). Money has been disproved many times here also. I don't claim any originality.

Lord101 wrote:if george was goodlooking and born in a period where the internet was made he could have gone on tinder and gotten laid

Maybe not, between Tinder and sex there is meeting in person:

John Rambo, wrote:legit thread Looks in motion are legit coming from a tall aspie that gets laid. Maybe thats why I am able to get occasionally attention from above average women on dating sites but never able to close with said above average women.

Of course this theory has exceptions like any other. But its the least worst we have right now.

what i dont like about this is that its implying that for example extraversion and disinhibition is as important as looks or money. thats whats so great about LMS-theory. each one of the three can stand on its own if its very high...if not, there needs to be a combined effort to get laid.
this theory values some minor things too much.
but in general i agree that getting laid = LMS+no mental disorder

George Sodini was ugly as fuck. You can't be serious.

firehaze wrote:George Sodini was ugly as fuck. You can't be serious.

Take his age into consideration, he was good looking, not goodlooking in a delusive sluthate way of art but real life standarts.

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