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Before we go any further, I want to ask do stretching exercises work? I wake up at about 5"10 and go down to 5"9.5 during day. My posture is quite decent .. so could I gain anything from these exercises?

Apart from that, if you have any other methods which can help with height ... please share. I was considering going on Growth hormone releasing peptides/hormones, but from research online ... it is highly unlikely they will work.

Leg Lengthening - Let's be real, this shit is TOO expensive and also painful. By the time I get enough money for it, i'll prob be like 30 .. which is too late (I'm 19 atm)

Starting Height: 5"9.5

Buy boots with 1 inch heel like Timberland boots which are also very stylish:

Now at 5"10.5

Add one inch lift inside of boots

Now at 5"11.5

Have hair which add's atleast one inch more. Personally, i'm not a fan of long hair so just 1 - 1.5 inch of hair on top would do. Like this:

Now at 6"0.5

RudeRudy wrote:Lol. Fucking autist op. Adding height is retarted after more than 1 inch as it fucks up propoortions. And comfort is huge. Anything over 0.5 inch soles is uncomfortable. Over 1inch soles and it geys retarted.

No it doesn't, i've tried a 1inch sole shoe + 1inch lift and it is perfectly comfortable.

6" is the cut off for women man seriously, been reading quite a lot of posts on the internet by women about height...trust me they all want 6 feet guy event the SHORT ones! The ones who are like 5"2 or 5"3

Dysfunctionalreject wrote:girls will notice once you take your shoes off though.

You would only lose about 2 inches which is hardly noticeable. Infact, since girls wear high heels and shit, when she take off her high heels (4+ inches) and you take off your 2 inches then you will be even taller compared to her.

Fck them srsly, they wear high heels, padded bras, makeup etc etc they deceive us all the time

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