never EVER get married (story)(you will rage)

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-couple married for 10+ yrs, have known eachother since they were 15
-slut is caught cheating
-get divorced
-guy loses all his assets (3 of his dogs given away to her, 1 gets killed later)
-jimmies are severely rustled

I didn't really fight... Just wanted her gone...

She took:
our $150k house
our $30k Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
All 3 dogs
Everything in the house
Her new man stole all my tools before I could get them
All of my guns

I got:
My 2005 Colorado
10k in debt

I should have fought but didn't want to mess with it.

pics of disgusting slut:


wow this legit made my blood boil. WTF :uzi: :uzi: :uzi: :uzi: :uzi: :uzi: :uzi: :uzi: :uzi: :pistodouble: :pistodouble: :pistodouble: :pistodouble: :pistodouble: :pistodouble:
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American divorces are so hillarious :D

telling ppl never to get married here is like telling a starving man to never eat processed food

Nordic wrote:American divorces are so hillarious :D

Canada is twice as bad when to comes to screwing over the guy

Icecutter101 wrote:telling ppl never to get married here is like telling a starving man to never eat processed food


RodgerRabbit wrote:Trying to fix yourself is literally a race against the clock. It's a catch 22. By the time you've fixed all the flaws that prevented you from slaying, you will have lost the one thing most essential to slaying in the first place -- youth.
NewGenious119 wrote:This idea that nobody owes anyone anything completely goes against the entire point of even having a society in the first place. If society doesn't owe an individual person anything, then the individual owes society nothing either, so don't be surprised when they take their frustration out on the world.

There is absolutely NO GOOD reason why, in the 21st century, every person shouldn't have their basic needs met. That means food, shelter, clothing, and transportation for all and, yes, if you are a male, sexual access to attractive females as that is considered a basic need for men as well.
Leebyunghun wrote:The number one source of strife in human existence is the inequality of looks among the male species.
germanDream wrote:a woman would fuck a cute dog or horse over an average faced man ANY day of the week. its not even close. women are repulsed by non male model men
PuaKiller wrote:Most women couldn't last a month as an incel male. They'd suicide. Prostitution would be legal worldwide and virgin shaming would cease if women were put in the shoes of an incel male for even a month. They couldn't handle it.
firehaze wrote:If a girl has never made it obvious that she likes you then you're a lot more subhuman than you think.


Anti-Degeneracy crew

MyBalls YourChin wrote:Money flows from the stupid to the less stupid. From the weak to the strong. This is the way of life.

How can you let another man steal your shit and not go Akira on his fucking arse? I don't get it.
Because he's afraid of being thrown in jail.

Unless this guy feels like he's got nothing to lose (ie. Elliot Rodger) or he's got legit temper issues, he's not going to go ER on his ex-wife and her new lover. Autist/Aspie Crew Anti-natalist Crew NEETcel Crew Escortcel Crew (semi-retired alum) White Colonial Game Crew (retired alum)
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If some bitch stole half my money, I would write up a manifesto, purchase an AK-47 and ammunition illegally from silk road or some other shady website and then proceed to kill my ex-wife, kill her new lover, upload my manifesto, record and upload a youtube video showing their dead bodies and proclaim myself the "Supreme Gentleman" and then head over to the court house for the final fire fight. Hopefully killing the judge before the cops get to me.

The western logic is so fucked up. The biggest whiteknights made these laws and there isnt any logic behind it. Thr weak must be protected but what if they were wrong and evil? At least cheating should be punished.

MyBalls YourChin wrote:Guy who lost everything, before he found someone balls deep in his missus:

we are both christian, both very open with each other, and she wants comments on what she needs to improve. Wats wrong with that. Maybe no one wants to see pics of you? Just because my wife ended up being hot, and outgoing, and doesnt mind havin fun on misc doesnt give you any reason to prosecute her as a whore.


Fucking lol I don't even feel bad for this retard. Some people just need to learn the hard way.

LOL this faggot didnt even fight her in court because he "just wanted her gone" :lol:
what a fucking emotional omega :lol:
no wonder she cheated with chada... women do either your prepared for that or you better dont even get married :lol:
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shes a attractive il give her that a 7/10 makes men penises hard,i can see guys approaching her all the time.She has that slut look in her eyes.One problem of settling down with some 15 year old they get that itch of if they can do better.Should have took a break around ages 18-19 and dated other people.Then maybe around ages 22-24 decide if they want to get back together.Its like a guy who never had any luck with girls all hes life but looksmax and hes body develops along with hes facial features now he has so many options of younger attractive women, of course he will cheat if he has 5/10 wife.

I would bet money that most guys here would marry a girl if they went through the whole process of an adult relationship with a supportive and attractive woman.

Never get married unless you can do this:

It's all about being Don Draper.
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Thonis wrote:It's easy to say that but you can never know what a person is capable of, also people change. Even you could get cheated on. No one is safe.

Yup. Cheating is always a likely scenario, and it's closer than one can even imagine.
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This is what happens when you marry primitive women. Guys should go for non primitive women the higher the estrogen the more entitlement/options the women has.

Primitive women have more options with men because they are less intimidating and more sexually appealing to most men/more dimorphed

Only marry non primitive women. Don't even pump n dump primitive women because they are the type of women who lie about being on the pill. This is why single mothers are always primitive looking.

I think I might start a new thread about this observation of mine
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Damn she got everything, that dude is fucked; should have fought back.
What is better to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through much effort and discipline?

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