What will human life be like after the Singularity?

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That's the point of the Singularity.

Asking MOSHs like us (a Singularitarian term to mean humans such as you find in 2012) to imagine what it will be like is sort of the equivalent to ask proto-humans of roughly chimpanzee intelligence, 100,000 years ago, to imagine what life will be like in 2012.

Imagine a world where technological innovation, of the level to jump from, say, Windows 95, to Windows 7.... or from Linus' initial usenet post to Ubuntu 12.04 ... or from a MacSE to a MacBook Air 2012 happens ... not every decade, not every year, not every day... but every few seconds. THAT is what the singularity means.

What happens after the Singularity? The Transcension Hypothesis by John Smart offers an account of what comes after the technological singularity, also accounting for Fermi's Paradox ... Basically after our technological adolescent and expansionist explorations, we turn from outer space to inner space ... our journey undergoes S.T.E.M. compression, the compression of Space, Time, Energy and Matter- until non biological minds live inside virtual worlds at the nano and femto scale, further compressing complexity until we create black hole-like conditions and disappear from the visible universe.

i imagine a matrix like situation would have occurred by then

humans as a whole are in capable of working together or co-existing with other species, mostly due to our greedy/jealous nature

i hope machines take over, enslave the human race, and use our neurons as an energy source to power themselves

machines would have no reason to kill or fight each other
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