serious answers please, about technological singularity

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technological singularity

what will happen after technological singularity?


when will this technological singularity happen?

It'll happen after u cure your autism

never had it, and never will

quickly545 wrote:
It'll happen after u cure your autism

never had it, and never will

I can tell you're an aspie from your posts

Humans become computers . Can't say exactly what it would be like cause the rate of advancement will be beyond anything human minds can imagine

When? Some people put it as soon as 50 years but I think that's a bit retarded. At least 100-200 years . So don't hold your breath

The reason why its called the singularity is because no one knows what happens after it. But its basically the point where exponential increases in technology start happening at ridiculous speed. Look for exponential curve on google, the singularity happens when the curve starts looking vertical.

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