Wife wants to use sperm donor for conception instead of husb

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I'm 48-yo man just married a 38-yo woman. Sad development: my new wife refused to use my sperm in IUI and wants to go to sperm bank!!!

I'm very healthy wrt PE results: all index/parameters are in ranges, and all diseases are negative. Non-smoker, non-drinker, college professor. Parents are in their early 80s and largely healthy. My sperm analysis: good counts (50-100 million/ml), normal volume (2-3 ml), only motiity is a bit low: used to be 20-45%, recently 10-20%, but doctors said it still sufficient for IUI.

But my wife started a fiasco: she found online that father's age could be a factor of misccariage, and became over-concerned, and wanted to use sperm bank rather than my sperm. I look online and traced most news down to three articles, and obtained two of them from library databases. Fact? Yes and No. Yes: men in late 30s-40s indeed would contribute to increased miscarriage. No? - that's compared to men in age group 25-29. Hey get real: my wife at her age of 38,m would most likely marry a man in 38-45, and there's no reason she wouldn't have baby with this father, if all health indicators (disease, blood, chromosome) are normal. I can say that "OK, being 48, I might be 1-2% higher in risk of contributing to miscarriage than a man in 38-43" (I got the idea from ananlysis of the research articles I read). But my wife is so unreasonable that for those 2% risk she REFUSED to conceive a baby with her husband,and insists on going to sperm bank to use the donor sperm, then we would have a baby with a "faceless father"!!

Is she obssed or over-concerned? I'm so DESPERATELY in need for help and support: (1) Shouldn't I be given my fair husband's right of conceiving my own child with my own wife? (2) What's the basic guidelines for a doctor to recommend donor sperm to a couple (such as hubby no sperm, DNA defects, under radiology damage, with infectious diseases, etc. - what more for a doctor to ask a husband to step aside and a wife to go to sperm bank)?

PLEASE HELP! My famnily is at the verge of collapsing, because my wife is determined to do sperm bank and if I still dont agree she'll divorce me (!!!!!) I really need people's help very urgently! Either from medical point of view, or from social norms or common sense - I need to bring my wife to scientific and social relaity and norms, so that she's not that crazy.

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fucking LOL, she thinks the father's sperm is a cause for miscarriages but doesnt realize she has 38yo ancient eggs

i hope her kids have downsyndrome
If you are reading this, you are sub5, there is no other explanation for your lack of success with women. Anything else is just coping.

PinVistheonlyIOI wrote:fucking LOL, she thinks the father's sperm is a cause for miscarriages but doesnt realize she has 38yo ancient eggs

i hope her kids have downsyndrome

this fuckin lol

its astonishing really

In all honesty if I was in his shoes I'd acid attack. How could he even fathom staying with her? Let alone trying to convince her otherwise. Fuck's sake I hate this era. 21st Century is the century of low-T men. The Jews did this.

This could be understandable if the guy was a manlet or someone with severe mental illness.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

He stays with her and he's raising someone else's kid, he leaves and she divorces him + takes his money

whole new level of cuckolding. this will be the norm soon tho. women will go to high class sperm banks and get impregnated while beta cuckold hubby is working his ass off to finance the wifes adventurous and lavish lifestyle.

as of now, there are two perceived downsides to marriage with a beta provider (according to women):
1. having to have sex with the subhuman sub8 hubby
2. having to carry the baby of the sub8 hubby

nr.1 is already being effectively avoided by most women. we all know you can be lucky if you can get sex once a week from your own wife LOL.
and nr.2 is being worked on now too
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redpil: i fucked you're mom
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3D Face Analysis wrote:What benefit does he gain from passing his incel genes on?

Possible benefits:
- He might subconsciously invest in the child more if the child is genetically similar to him. (Kin recognition is subconscious.)
- He gets to feel sexual gratification if he can get a woman to raise his own babies (impregnation fantasy).

I am a 29 year old Australian man. ... Sex, with a risk of impregnation is a huge turn on for me. The urge to cum deep inside a woman is sometimes almost...

It's probably every man's fantasy to finally impregnate his partner after years of investing in her. Think about how you would feel if that opportunity is denied.

that shit causes wars

like how ww3 is going to be start by 65million single asian men


I'm 48-yo man just married a 38-yo woman.

i stopped reading here

lol @ marrying a 38yo

lol @ workcelling until age 48 just to get a 38yo who thinks YOU are the one who's worthless

just fucking lol

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