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Laos or bust wrote:women regard sex as a social-economic exchange. they surrender the power of the v-jay-jay cause ur genes are better than hers, ur bank account is bigger than hers or ur status inside a specific group is higher than hers. they give their only power so then can absorbe ur power by proxy.

Women share many characteristics of parasitic life forms.

Reformation wrote:
Master Yoda wrote:
Good post, and I am not dismissing your story, as I agree that status is way for an ugly incel to overcome his lack of looks.

But would it be fair to say, that these women who previously dismissed this incel (before his promotion), are only interested in this ugly incel because of what he can do for these women, as opposed to feeling any genuine attraction for him?

Its a different type of attraction. You're right it's more about what he can do for her, as opposed to that raw sex appeal of the slayer.

This is why women will get SUPER mad if you call her a whore. You can call her a lot but the word 'whore' really seems to cut her. It's because all women know deep down they ARE whores, women will exchange sex for favors and advancement. Some apes were made to understand the concept of currency in a study, can you guess what the first thing the females did? They started fucking for money... funny isnt it?!

It's also a womans way of aligning herself with an influential member of the 'tribe', she will get to socially climb and get more input into the way things are run and boss other bitches around just because she fucked some dude who got there on merit.

So i would say women have different type of attraction, raw sex attraction and also 'social' attraction or whatever you want to call it.

That's a good explanation, thanks for that, back in September 2013 a hooker I saw made the following comment to me. quite unsolicited I must add.

"Us women are basically all whores, who use the reward of sex as leverage to extort expensive houses, jewelery, cars, clothes, shoes,overseas holidays from our husbands".

I could easily imagine women fucking some ugly, but high status man to either gain a promotion (ie.climb the corporate ladder), or social climbing as you have alluded to.
This is what happens whenever I approach women.




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