Can anyone help me to overcome my aspergers?

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SupportLocalSluts wrote:
Severe Aspie wrote:
No. why are you asking? dont you see it anyway?

just wondering.

anyway, talk more about what happened when you were on MDMA. did facial expressions become more meaningful to you? how was eye contact? did it affect your conversation at all? i don't see it as the potential cure all, but i wouldn't be surprised if it helps increase social motivation for many reasons.

intranasal oxytocin has similar benefits and there are studies on that one.

Yeah I started to understand what all these facial expression meant.

there was a feeling in my gut which told me that this person might think this and feels that.

normally i just have my mind and think about everything.. but when on mdma I have this inner voice.. this feeling in my gut.. which tells me everything. if i see somebody is angry.. it feels for me like he is angry.

its like i feel a small part of the others person emotion. also when i watch movies.. faces appear much bigger and much more the center of everything. you understand every intend behind the worlds etc.

I did know what to say to the person and what not to say.. there was always this feeling in my gut which told me what was right to say to make the person comfortable and what was not

I get better recognition of facial expressions on LSD, not so much on MDMA. But on MDMA I get extreme boost to confidence and outgoingness.

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