Cucking wife sleeps with over 300 is fucked.

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If you love something, set it free' Ah, and that my friend, is the rub... aka, How I lost my Hotwife.

He got what he deserved. He should kill himself.

djfranktank wrote:This is a fetish guys. Calm down

It seems very pathetic.

FerventPsycho wrote:

If you read the comments it makes this seem true. Do all or most women really want crazy endless sex with as many men as possible?

nope , most of the women are 100% satisfied having affairs with only 1 lover

I sense that is a troll post, coming from reddit they are all retarded there you can expect anything

he was probably jerking off as he made that entire story up.
Two or three surgeries away from being Ja Rule gang.


SupportLocalSluts wrote:he was probably jerking off as he made that entire story up.

I don't think you truly believe that. I assume that your mind can't handle the shock of how truly fucked things really are therefore you claim stories like these to be fabrications. If I'm wrong then whatevs, this is my assumption though.

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