I feel so shitty right now. Huge hangover

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Fml. I haven't thrown up but I have the biggest migraine right now. This is legit the worst I've ever felt. Fuck this,. Ugh
I had 4 beers, 11 shots of whisky and a couple Jell-O shots. Never again....

How do you drunks fucking do this? Shity as fuck overdrinking

In regards to above.

Here's how you get over a hangover.

- Drink coffee to cause diarrhea (less painful than vomiting)
- Drink shit loads of water (will make vomiting less painful if you gag)

Wait until stomach settles- drink herbal tea, icy water, food when your appetite returns.

Then for psychology trauma of depression watch some relaxing YouTube videos or a few feature films that don't tax the brain.

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