The reason why women lie about looks

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The reason why they lie about looks in real life, is because they are scared of coming off as a whore, slut, someone who is vain and superficial. if you ask what physical attributes they like in a guy, the majority, will say they don't care about that, or don't have a preference, and will mention confidence, personality, etc. They do this so they don't lose society approval, and also come off as more human, humble, especially if a less than stellar guy asks her that question, she will lie to not destroy him

This is more important if the girl in question is good looking herself, because everyone can see that she is pretty, and people will automatically assume she is stuckup, vain, etc. She has more reasons to lie than any other girl, and by saying that looks don't matter to her, she will come off as both pretty and humble, a good human being, and get the respect from society, the perfect combo lol

On the internet, movies, or in chicks talk, is when the reality comes out, watch this video below, or any other video of good looking guys, bunch of sluts going crazy for them

you don't have to explain it

Charles is already doing a good job at it to educate the masses

a picture can speak more than a thousand words

One of the women fawning over him even said that she has a son his age...... that's enough red pill for today...
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Anyone who isn't socially retarded knows looks are important as fuck. The girl I'm seeing first said she doesn't care about looks, personality is most important. As I got to know her more, she nonchalantly mentioned how important looks are.

I mean this is basic common sense now, no sense in beating the same drum. People almost say it to be socially polite, but once they are comfortable girls will tell you the truth

Women lie because in the end they need a beta provider and they don't want to alienate the masses of them

They know how to switch modus operandi.

If you're ugly, girls say looks is not important but they start to avoid you gently, because if they avoided you all of sudden you would realize they're liars.

If you're good looking, girls will plainly say how handsome you're and they will start to "fight" with each other so that you can give your true love to "only one".

It's simple.

I just don't get how women want to have this image of being "socially polite". Does saying that looks matter a lot make you appear rude? I don't think so! Why are women so hung up on this? What's so embarrassing in admitting that there's a looks threshold? What would be the male counterpart of that fear (if there is one)? Can someone please elucidate this?

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