What If Steroids DON'T Close Growth Plates

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Think about this, this 'steroids stunt growth' mantra is spouted my damn near everyone even semi involved in fitness in the industry. But if you were the one who controls such information, would you want people to think that it does, even if it didn't?

99.99% if not more of the people that regurgitate this belief have no idea of how to check whether or not this is true themselves. It could just be BS spewed from the top down for years until it became accepted as fact.

If you were the one at the top would you want people to know, or would you want to hold people back for as long as possible?? Would you want kids to outdo your accomplishments? Of course not.

Look at Arnold, he was on em since ~13 and grew to be over 6ft.
(and btw i'm not some highschooler who wants the justification to do roids, i'm in my twenties)


Exactly, we are dead men walking. There is no hope, no redemption, just the peace of letting go and accepting our fate. Sex is one thing, but missing out on high school love is quite another. All that matters in life is being a robust high school jock with a cool social circle and a virgin gf. The inocence and trueness of teen love, it will never be ours. No money, no fame, no sucess will ever heal our tortured souls. The light at the end of the tunnel was never there, it was just an illusion. There is just darkness. We are already dead.


I doubt there are any studies done on that, mostly because it would be unethical.

The only studies i know of are those where children/teenagers are put on TRT because of some hormonal imbalances or failure to produce testosterone but those studies dont prove anything because there have to be some underlying problems to be put on TRT in the first place and proving causalities is impossible under these circumstances.
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steroids don't close your growth plates, it's the aromatization following the increase in T that does

long story short, take a small dose of AI every day while on sterons to prevent closure

even then I know some old guys at my gym who took steroids in their teens without even doing pct and they still grew afterwards

3D Face Analysis wrote:Scenario 1: Let's assume you're producing 10 milligrams of testosterone per day. Let's also assume that the rate of testosterone metabolism is at 9.9 milligrams per day. You metabolize 99% of the testosterone. The rest of the 1% of the testosterone gets converted into estradiol by aromatase. You'll be producing 100 micrograms of estradiol per day.

Scenario 2: Let's say you inject 100 milligrams of testosterone. You can only metabolize 50 milligrams of the testosterone. (The higher your testosterone, the smaller the proportion of testosterone that would get metabolized. You're congesting the testosterone metabolic pathway; the rest will be "overflow" and spill into the aromatazation pathway). The rest of the 50% gets converted into estradiol by aromatase. You'll be producing 50 milligrams of estrogen per day. That's 500 times the amount of estrogen than Scenario 1.

So this explains bitch tits and moon face. Guys dosing too high, right? Possibly even hair loss.
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