Anyone seen Neymar lately?

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This negro has become a legitimate swag-fag 8/10. Puberty hit him hard in the last few years.

He's like 18 in these:



Now at 23:









Looks even better in motion. Did he get a lefort?
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Honestly, I think just getting out of the Brazilian sun is the biggest reason for his skin color looking lighter. He's living in Europe now, right?
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only complete retards dont realize that professional athletes have roided up the ass
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Wtf? That's one hell of a transformation. Skull got way more robust and skin a lot lighter. Doesn't even look like the same person.

He's all maxilla , tan and twinkle eye

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he went from narrowjawed african incel tier primitive negro to widejawed hollowcheeked spanish half model.
now he got: lighter skin, straight hair, wider jaw and face overall, hollower cheeks, more robust and defined bone structure

i just noticed his nasolabial folds disappeared WTF. he legit either mewed like hell or did lefort 3. how the fuck did he manage to remove nasolabial folds, especially since hes older now


This is 2015, not 1932.

He was a prodigy, and everything is captured on the internet.

Neymar was playing for Santos since about 2010, so there are umpteen YouTube videos of him ''in motion'' throughout his late teens and early twenties.

Cherry-picking some gormless photos of him appears to satisfy the aspies on here.

what a fucking sickening transformation. Absolute slayer.

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How? How?!

If he was 18 here:


Does it mean there's HOPE? Can I still bonemax if I'm 19?

This thread needs an explanation.



Hahaha this proves that ethnics can slay hard.
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Bojack wrote:Hahaha this proves that ethnics can slay hard.

ru this dumb? you needed this to validate it?
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