Should I add or remove anything from my looksmaxing sups?

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3D Face Analysis wrote:You don't really need it if you consume grassfed dairy.

One drop of that supplement contains a huge amount of vitamin K2. One drop contains the same vitamin K2 as several gallons of milk.

and what will this vitamin k2 do?

Will it promote jaw growth? what?

3D Face Analysis wrote:No, it doesn't promote jaw growth in adults. It's a myth.

The claim that vitamin K2 promotes jaw growth in children was just a speculation from Chris Masterjohn in his article about vitamin K2. ... ly-solved/

Does olive oil benefit testosterone production? Or is that a myth too?

Also what, if any, supplement/steroid can induce bone growth in the face?

What will promote jaw growth? My jaw is growing recently and I want to get the most out of it im having a late mandibular growth what do I do/ get to make sure i get the most out of it 3d

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