This girl sums up tinder dating

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This washed up trashy shitcunt states in her bio she been fucking chads but shes become bored of that. Now she wants an underwear MM to settle down with and wont accept anything less.

But she wont chase him, he has to beg for her, even he doesnt deserve a girl like her.

As you can tell from her pics and bio she does some modelling herself. I mean look at her eyelid exposure and symmetrical eyebrows, perfect nose, high hairline and unique bone structure :lol: :lol: :lol:



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i would rate her 2-3 but im not good at rating girls. i just go by sexual attraction and she legit has none

She looks as she sounds = a nasty busted up asshole. Funny how these types actually LOOK like feminists. I hope some cholo bitch knocks her front teeth out and humbles her a bit. She is going to age like shit really fast.

Shes too ugly to work in fashion too... must be behind the scenes or manager of a tshirt shop.
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Its outstanding how many girls think they are model tier in looks this day in age. How the fuck can they so goddamn delusional :uzi: :lol: :rambo: . If the ugly girl Tinder & pof experiments we've done on here get loads of replies imagine what this withered kunt gets!

she looks like your typical withered 30 year old female, and shes fuckin 20 to top it off which make it even more hilarious :lol: :lol: :lol:

no legit chad will chase her srs
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i take like forever to answer pms



I can guarantee you that this girls gets 20-30 messages on a DAILY basis. For anyone that doubts try and create a fake profile using a picture like her, or an bellow average girl. It is insane how much validation,attention and pussy begging do they receive. It is no wonder they have self worth trough the roof!
Even some girls that at first might be shy or insecure, when they go on online dating they reach high heaven in terms of their perception of SMV

I got a 5'6 slut in my history class calling herself a runway model because she is at shows for designers no one knows, lol at females and their deviated world view
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Rob Ust wrote:i would rate her 2-3 but im not good at rating girls. i just go by sexual attraction and she legit has none

That's the most legit way to rate anyway. She looks like a legit dog and i bet her ass is flat as a pancake maximum 4/10

Purtzian wrote:no legit chad will chase her srs

This, she's legit sub5

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