The mental hamstering in this reddit thread hurts my head.

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The mental hamstering in this reddit thread is giving me a headache. A woman discusses the husband discovering that she had drug and alcohol-fueled orgies 15+ times a decade ago (5 years before they started dating), and the husband is completely repulsed; wanting a divorce.

"My husband [M34] of 2 years found out some unsavory details about my [F31] past, and I'm scared it could lead to divorce" ... _unsavory/

The entire thread is a clusterfuck, with blue pill retards criticizing the husband for calling the wife "repulsive", and for planning on divorcing her.

Can anyone find the original thread written by the slutty wife? I can't find it on that thread.

incel scum wrote:it was removed, u got the original post?

I'm looking for it. I've read the original post before somewhere else, but I can't find it now.....and it's pissing me off.

uwotm8 wrote:TL;DR - My husband [M34] of 2 years found out some of my [F31] sexual exploits in college. He has barely talked to me since he found out, and I'm afraid our relationship might be finished over something I did 10 years ago before I even knew him.
I'll try and keep this short. We've known each other 5 years, been married for 2 years, and up until last weekend things were perfectly fine. Maybe once in a while we'd bicker about money or something, but 99% of the time we were happy together.
While out last weekend for a friends birthday, a (now ex) friend of mine told my husband about a relationship I had in college. My husband knew about my college boyfriend, but obviously I didn't share intimate details about our sex life. Well... it came out that I used to engage in threesomes with him and his male roommate. Probably 12-15 in total, but all my husband knows is that it was 'more than once'.
College was a totally different time in my life. I was drinking every weekend, doing recreational drugs every month, partying, having casual flings - just like everyone else at that age. It was a hedonistic "live for today" lifestyle that I thankfully grew out of. I look back on those years with a lot of regrets, and not just about my sex life. I mean, it was 10+ years ago. I'm a totally different person now.
Regardless, I know my husband sees me in a totally different light. He hasn't slept in our bed since he found out, and he's barely spoken to me all week. I'm so scared he'll divorce me, I'm walking on eggshells just trying to stay out of his way while he works through this. I really want to sit him down and clear the air, I just don't know where to begin... I feel like one slip of the tongue and our relationship could be completely over.
I know I'm not a good person for keeping this from him, so please don't lecture me. It was a chapter of my life I'd thought I'd closed for good. It was my ONE secret, and I honestly debated telling him about it but came to the conclusion that no positive outcome could come from it.


Thank you!

Where did you find this? For some reason, the original post was removed where I linked it.

nearly all of us are going to end up in this situation (ex carosel rider)
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Fucking whore if she don't have a hymen don't marry her.

Nah. He's a beta provider who married a used up harlot, a harlot who wouldn't give him the time of the day in her prime years.
He's acting passive-aggressive,he can't even put his foot down and have a serious conversation with her. Pussy! I doubt he'll give her a divorce. Typical pathetic beta provider.
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cats wrote:Pretty much every girl has something like this in her past these days. How can you even imagine marrying a girl like that? I never will.

I could never do that.

Can you imagine finding out from a third party that your wife used to engage in drug-induced gangbangs? And imagine she deceived you by deliberately concealing this information from you for years, because she knew that you would never have married her if you were aware of her sordid past? :evil:

The assholes on reddit are mental hamstering on this issue, big-time; trying to pretend that it's no big deal.

How many guys has this chick had sexual encounters with? Dozens? Hundreds? At this point, nobody knows. The husband certainly doesn't know, so it's no wonder he's talking about divorce.

Men do not want to marry whores. :idea:

What kills me though are the disingenuous assholes on reddit trying to pretend that she did nothing wrong.

She deceived him. That's fucking wrong.

She knew he didn't want to marry a whore, so she deceived him into thinking she was something else.

And even more frighteningly, it turns out she's gonna try to fuck him over on the divorce, because I guess he "deserves" to be divorce-raped if he's repulsed by her disgusting behavior. I think they have a pre-nup though (thankfully).
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