Recommend me some amazing books/ literature

Share your experiences with the opposite sex. Suggest ways to improve your success. Analyze the behavior of females in real life and online. Rant and rave about females. Show the importance of looks pertaining to attracting females and other social situations. Discuss aesthetics and the science of attractiveness. Exchange health, nutrition and looksmaxing tips.

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High Price - A Neuroscientist's journey of self discovery that challenges everything you know about drugs and society

by Dr. Carl Hart of Columbia University

An aamzing book that suceeds in breaking down the illogical reasoning of group thinkers, the deceptive tactics in worldwide politics, all the while tying it all together to illustrate how to be a productive thinker in modern society
Hilarious Basement Dweller Claims

Bipolar wrote:I take you're a girl by your writing style so these aspies should probably take your opinion over their gay desires

Bipolar wrote:lachowski is painfully average looking

Bipolar wrote:my jaw still looks better than nessmans lOOL

Bipolar wrote:nessman just has a narrow pointy jaw that happens to photograph well this forum has no life experience so they dont know what good looking is.. I destroy nessman the only one I don't destroy is gandy but hes basically my look alike and I will be on the same level if not higher when im in my 30's

iwishiwasdead2 wrote:taylor hill isnt even goodlooking to be a model


vertu wrote:This is not an LMS forum whatsoever.
LMS and REDPILL my fucking dick LOL.

Not a single discussion on hedge funds vs mutual funds on the first page.
Not a single discussion on foreign import exporting on the first page.
Not a single "ordering raw steroid powders from overseas" thread on the first page.

geneticdetermination wrote:Children who grew up playing Nintendo ended up being weak jawed myopic beta males, while those who played xbox or ps2 were significantly more likely to be alpha. Mario and wii gay sex vs halo and god of war.

Now, it doesn't mean everyone who played ps2/xbox wasn't a beta-not by a long shot. But there is some definite correlation. I grew up playing gameboy and shit and ended up on this site. Friends who played ps/xbox grew thick facial hair, stronger jaws, sooner changed interests to sports cars, fucking women, and had 16+ inch arms 12% bodyfat going to the gym once a week.

I believe they were genetically inclined to play more violent, mature games, versus the submissive low prenatal-T betas who played pokemon, mario, or wii.


Blood Meridian by Cormac Mccarthy. It's a violent novel, with a sparse, biblical prose style.

See the child. He is pale and thin, he wears a thin and ragged linen shirt. He stokes the scullery fire. Outside lie dark turned fields with rags of snow and darker woods beyond that harbor yet a few last wolves. His folk are known for hewers of wood and drawers of water but in truth his father has been a schoolmaster. He lies in drink, he quotes from poets whose names are now lost. The boy crouches by the fire and watches him.

Night of your birth. Thirty-three. The Leonids they were called. God how the stars did fall. I looked for blackness, holes in the heavens. The Dipper stove.

The mother dead these fourteen years did incubate in her own bosom the creature who would carry her off. The father never speaks her name, the child does not know it. He has a sister in this world that he will not see again. He watches, pale and unwashed. He can neither read nor write and in him broods already a taste for mindless violence. All history present in that visage, the child the father of the man.


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