Manlet Video Compilation Megathread

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DavidDickinsonIsGod wrote:

HAHAHAHA the bit at 5:20 where the midget talks like they both have relationship problems them the hosts interject that she is dating a 6'1 guy right now. And she explains that she never dated before because she WANTED A MAN TALLER THAN HERSELF!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA THE MANLET'S FACE WHEN!!!! And he postures throughout the whole thing with his hands on his hips loool.

Fuck sake I need LL.

daviddickinson confirmed for LL 2025?

Exactly, we are dead men walking. There is no hope, no redemption, just the peace of letting go and accepting our fate. Sex is one thing, but missing out on high school love is quite another. All that matters in life is being a robust high school jock with a cool social circle and a virgin gf. The inocence and trueness of teen love, it will never be ours. No money, no fame, no sucess will ever heal our tortured souls. The light at the end of the tunnel was never there, it was just an illusion. There is just darkness. We are already dead.


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