Couples reveal how many people they've slept with

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What strikes me is the lay counts of the homely ethnic girls. One admitted to 20+ while the other admitted nine (probably a significant understatement judging from the way she phrased it). And those girls are probably only early 20s. Looks like my dream of deflowering a cute ethnic girl may never become a reality.

Also the ugly ethnic guy has five lays somehow. How about that? A disgusting ethnic subhuman has five lays while I have none.



The really ugly gook's bf has a pathetic skull...literally pathetic in shape and size.

tbf there is several horrific gooks on there...the guy in the green jumper.

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this video was filled with subhumans


cats wrote:Remember to double the girl's number and cut the guy's number in half.


ppl lie when asked about this,do not believ them

DeppIsGod wrote:The average person is literally a 3.5-4/10. JUST LOL


Fucking MMs are Gods

ew these couples are all so ugly and subhuman....i cant even imagine the boring disgusting sex they must have..especially that white nerd with ugly asian gf and those fat niggers too
ChildMolester1984 wrote:I am a beautiful majestic Aryan god that murders Sikhs with my bare hands and they crumble into the fecal matter they are

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