Whistling at women can land you in jail in Peru

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just because is a law, doesn't mean they will enforce it

police in peru is very corrupt

Just LOL if you think they're enforcing it. In neighboring Ecuador, it's still okay to beat your wife when she complains too much. The police will ignore a woman who files a domestic abuse complaint unless the guy seems like he's gonna legit kill her.

My cousin said subway/bus rides in Quito resulted in intense gropping so many times. You can't file sexual harassment because these faggots will literally crawl under the bus seats, grab women's crotches, and then crawl away. Usually they're just crazy teens. They'll also pickpocket. One trick they have is quietly slicing a purse on the bottom, causing all the contents to fall onto the ground. They steal it all from under the seat probably while fingering the woman.
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Two or three surgeries away from being Ja Rule gang.


reminds me of the plantation days. ill be killed for looking at a white woman.

GENETIC SHIT wrote:reminds me of the plantation days. ill be killed for looking at a white woman.

Emmett Till all over again brother. We're actually reverting BACK to those days.

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