I experiance the halo effect over the phone.

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I have never once experienced halo effect in person because I'm one ugly motherfucker. Okay maybe once or twice because of my cock size but it almost never comes to that. My face gives me the failo effect, but I just realized lately the effect my voice has over the phone.

I've had a number of women tell me I have a very nice voice or a very nice phone voice. I just realized whenever I talk to a service representative, business, etc. over the phone, if there is a female on the other line they usually take me very seriously, have a sweet tone of voice and are accommodating. Some are even flirtatious. If I get a man on the other line or meet them in person I don't receive this kind of treatment at all. It's a complete 180.

I had a lady I was doing business with that I spoke with over the phone several times before I met her in person, we didn't see each other at first so called when we were in the same area to figure out who's who. Her tone of voice immediately changed when I met her in person as oppose to talking to her over the phone. She sounded like she couldn't wait to meet me over the phone but as soon as she met me in person it seemed like she couldn't wait to leave. It was like night and day.

Just talked to my cable provider, first time I was talking to a guy on the other line and he was no help. Second time I talked to some woman, she was sweet, gave me several movie packages for free and put a credit on my account for an upgrade (to make the upgrade free because she told me she didn't have a promo package where she should just give it to me for free), she didn't have to do that, they didn't overcharge me or anything and I wasn't calling in for a complaint.

God that's just a small sliver/taste of what some guys experience every day in their life in almost every interaction.

bulletsflyingby wrote:You should run perma-skimask game.

Seriously though, I'm 6', white, not big but athletic, deep sexy voice, big dick, not aspie, but my subhuman deformed face and receding hairline completely fucked my life over. It's depressing to think of the life that could have been.

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