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medjon wrote:
heretic667 wrote:Personality only really matters as a tiebreaker between 2 similarly matched LMS guys or if your personality deficient/aspie tier. It's a "breaking" factor, but never a "making" factor
Personality (what's the best word describing your psychological self?) helps hugely to get into that position of high money and status.

Not really. That's just having certain talent endowments, skills, being born into the right family, right place at the right time.

Explain how "generosity", "sincerity", "humility" "fatihfulness" "confidence" are going to get you anywhere not only with women, but in life in general. I would go so far as to say being "intelligent" and "humourous" are utterly useless as well for sexual attraction.

Being dominant, having interests and being passionate about something should be expected of men. That's not even personality. It's just being normal.


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