picking up girls: muscular BBC vs skinny white guy

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OSTB wrote:i am begining to think it's rather a womans prospects rather than her IQ level which plays the part in her willingness to date BBC ...as gobman highlighted the point of you don't actually have to be that smart to get into university.

simply put, the more prospects a woman has ...the less likely she is to be open to BBC [generally speaking]

What do you expect, when even blacks pick other blacks as a last resort :lol:

OSTB wrote:
simply put, the more prospects a woman has ...the less likely she is to be open to BBC [generally speaking]

This is really all it is. It's why you mainly see fat women with black men. She's fat so the top tier white men aren't into her and the average white or Asian guy isn't into her either, so black men then become her best option. She could either pair off with a pasty nerdy white guy, or a lean BBC. In that scenario a pasty white guy can still win much of the time if the girl doesn't have a black fetish.

Codec wrote:
Crispy Knight wrote:Unfair contest. The black guy should have gone after black girls.

If both the white guy and "black" guy went after black girls, the white guy would have dominated even more.

The black girls would probably be ecstatic that a non-black guy is showing them attention.

That's not the point. I'm not saying being black isn't a dating handicap when trying to pick up white/asian women. It is. But the video was about muscular vs. skinny. If it was a muscular white guy in different clothes, he would have won. imo the douche shirt also hurt the black guy. In college I witnessed many times girls mocking muscleheads with showy shirts. If you're muscular, wear a polo shirt or something, not sleeveless shirts.

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