Low social rank = anxious, depressed INCEL

Share your experiences with the opposite sex. Suggest ways to improve your success. Analyze the behavior of females in real life and online. Rant and rave about females. Show the importance of looks pertaining to attracting females and other social situations. Discuss aesthetics and the science of attractiveness. Exchange health, nutrition and looksmaxing tips.

This is legit, and is exactly what I was banned on social anxiety suppourt for saying. This is why "therapy" is almost useless for social anxiety. The brains subconcious is not dumb, and creates anxiety when in low social rank siturations, as a protective meausure.
"Sneaking out at night to lie with your virgin gf under the stars. Penetrating her for the first time. Seeing her face in the crowd at your HS football game. Having a huge group of jock friends. You never experienced any of that. It's over. You lost at life. Time to man up and become a provider. Time to downsize and save for retirement. Time to Gillete shave your face and become a mister. Time to acknowledge that you were always destined for mediocrity. Welcome to hell. Welcome to life."


FrameCel wrote:This is legit, and is exactly what I was banned on social anxiety suppourt for saying. This is why "therapy" is almost useless for social anxiety. The brains subconcious is not dumb, and creates anxiety when in low social rank siturations, as a protective meausure.

You want higher rank looksmax and already you have higher value you might not get invited to parties or have girls all over you.But people will treat you better,as they see you as a higher value.To bad the benefit is more dramatic the younger you are.If im fat and ugly i can't trick myself into being cool and confident if i go to a party and there are good looking attractive people around.How you view yourself is more related to how others treat and view you.The only way to overcome social anxiety is be treated as high value by others who are also of decent value themselves.

There are even post on here of studies of people who had surgeries and had there looks improve 2-3 points putting most of the people in the 6-7 range out of 10 in attractiveness.The dramatic difference in quality of life was so strong these people were crying when interviewed.Some even said before it was like they were alive but weren't living before.They even did test studies on how rapid the peoples confidence and socializing skills improved.

Thinking of how many good looking guys Ive known IRL whove had no status at all in their group due to social weirdness. I can instantly think of 20+, If I sit down and write down all the names, there will probably be around 30-35, atleast.

Looks help, but it is FAR from everything, far far far so. You can be how good looking you want, but if ure socially submissive and a little weird, you will get a position VERY far down on the hiearchy.

You fail re looks but everywhere else too. Nice cope.

Bump. I've never been more sure of this.

Jigar wrote:That's why you don't get laid. That's why you're depressed. That's why you have social anxiety.

We've evolved to be extremely sensitive to social cues & group dynamics. We PHYSICALLY respond to it. A high social rank produces energy, motivation, entitlement. Low social rank produces depressed, anxious, timid incels.

And then the feedback loop begins. It just keeps getting better and better, or worse and worse.

A powerful man feels entitled to women. Whether he be ugly, introverted, beautiful or extroverted. He's in a position of control. His social status provides him with energy. Testosterone. Motivation. He doesn't spend time mentally masturbating about looks. He lives in the hard, physical world and takes what he wants because he is compelled to. His social rank significantly determines his behaviour. If he's good looking, his success will be Godly. But even an average man with the entitlement a high social rank gives will get women. Because he goes out there and takes them!

A low status male, whether good looking or not is timid. He is defeated. His genes are telling him "Stay low, don't stand out, don't be beaten up anymore". It's a survival strategy.

This is why there's such a cross section of looks here. You can be a lowly and ugly, lowly and average, lowly and attractive.

If you want to improve your situation, you need to improve your social rank.

Social rank is directly tied to your looks, dickhead. Look up the average height of CEOs. Unless you're some kind of genius savant with some skill that nobody else is capable of, you're going to get shit on by everyone if you aren't good looking and charismatic.
Take the black pill and discover that the rabbit hole leads to an abyss.

Rank is about doing what you want (thats not anti-social) without being challenged by other men. That's all it is.

Yep social rank is directly correlated with having MASCULINE good looks, not pretty boy-looks per se, but masculine good looks.

Masculine looks: height, big frame, manly face, stubble, deep voice.

Other men are way more likely going to challenge you if your short, unattractive and weak looking and you pose a threat with talents etc.

We're not indestructible
Baby better get that straight
I think it's unbelievable
How you give into the hands of Chad
Some things are worth fighting for (but not your smelly cunt)

Some feelings never die
I'm not asking for another chance
I just wanna know why

There's no easy way out
There's no shortcut home
There's no easy way out
Giving up can't be wrong

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