Girls wont always be nice to you when they are attracted

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PuaKiller wrote:

RSD are pua, scam artist, mental masturbator cunts. I don't give a shit about what they say. Most of your theory comes from that forum anyway. RSD are the lowest of the low when it comes to puas. I hate them more than anyone else.

No one hates RSD as much as me, their concepts set me in an mental masturbation era for like 2 years. However, their instructors still go out alot and get lots of social experience/sexual experiences, especially the more good looking ones (like alex, for example).

And yes, I can relate to what hes saying. U get less obvious IOIs (IOIs are largely bullshit IMO, asking for your name, being happy and nice in your presence etc), but u get laid easier.

In other words: If u dont trust yourself being attractive (but you are), girls will often be cold towards you and hence reinforce your belief that ure not good looking enough for her.

I think people like lequak on here suffer that problem.
I kill people.


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