Holly shit. Instagram whores exposed

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Suck my cock wrote:
bigfoot wrote:
No, a weird fetish is a guy likes to get smacked in the balls, suck on her feet etc. Scat is not even in the same universe in comparison, that's just pure sickness. Next time you take a dump make sure you take a good look at that and imagine that there are broads who would take stuff in several ways, just so that they can go further financially for a few months and not care about the mental damage that come along with it for a lifetime.

I watch lesbian scat.

It's not that bad actually.


Gross. Just gross. I'd like to pimp em out and take a cut of the money tho.

MrIncel wrote:Gross. Just gross. I'd like to pimp em out and take a cut of the money tho.


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I honestly don't find this very surprising at all. Girls who are on instagram and have thousands of followers are the exact type of would debase themselves for money. They are already the most shallow girls you could find, big deal that they would be prostitutes. The real question is if you could offer the same to any random college girl. I wish that one rich poster we have would give this a try. There are a few girls I know that I would love to see how dirty they'd get for money.

To be fair to the girls, you need to compare apples to apples. So instead of some Saudi prince, how many of you would let Oprah or Hilary Clinton fuck you and take a shit on your chest for $40k? I'd definitely fuck either of them for that much. Hell i'd eat Oprah's pussy all night for the budget cost of $10 grand.

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