Anyone follow Ray Peat diet?

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Been reading up on him but it' s a bit vague. Does he say you should eat lots of carbs?

40/40/20 macro split on a deficit/maintaince/surplus (based on goals)

That's fucking it. Fit whatever food u want. There's no point in a diet

3D Face Analysis wrote:Ray Peat is a little hard to comprehend.

You could listen to an interview with him. His interviews are way easier to comprehend.

Here is a good interview: ... y-peat-phd

Yes he talks slow, but the information is very dense.

I just have one question. What macro ratio does he recommended? Would carbs be the main source? I agree with the foods he says you should eat and i've thinking of eating more carbs as low carb has juts not worked for me. I feel shit most the time and my FWHR is worse now than it was.

3D Face Analysis wrote:He doesn't have any specific ratio.

He says that an average woman should eat at least 80 grams of protein. For athletes, it should be higher. Protein helps the liver to excrete estrogen from the blood.

A high fat diet does not cause atherosclerosis or heart disease, as long as the fat is saturated.

However Peat suggests a diet mostly in carbohydrates because carbohydrates support liver function. The liver uses glucose to activate thyroid hormone, for instance. Carbohydrates in the form of starch is fine, but he recommends sugar from fruits and dairy.

Nice... nice.

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