Guy says he is a nerd,girls don't care cause his attractive

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No shit! An 8+ can wear a legend of Zelda shirt and he is cute and ironic but if a average guy wears it he is a creepy child molesting weirdo who needs to grow up! Just lol buddy boys, just lol :lol:
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God Created Little Boys To Be Used As Sex Toys
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8/10 does this video women think he is humble and modest, 2/10 guy does this video women tell him he needs to be more confident and less creepy.

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is he an 8?
or does he workout , have low bf, and average face?

bulletsflyingby wrote:More like a 6-7. Still a good observation.

Nah he is like 3

Yeah, fuck girls for liking biologically superior guys!

OP, what do you honestly expect them to say? Do guys like nerd girls in general, no. Do guys like nerd girls who are hot, yes. It's the same for either gender, just accept it faggot and start worshipping Shimansky.
I will stay home in my mom's basement masturbating until the world stops.



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