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I stumbled upon a thread where your favourite Roosh V Forum peanut gallery admitting the superiority of looks (and also status). Even though there is one or two persons (or perhaps just alts) here who dislike Roosh, his forum is probably the most red-pilled and LMS-aware of PUA forums.

They understand that looks are more important than game, but out of some existential angst keep it out of their mind - perhaps it would make them lose hope. So they have to keep the faith in game alive.

The thread looks like what PUAhate might have looked like in 2010. Perhaps their fear of despair (and moderation) prevents them to ever develop beyond a pre-PUAhate awareness.

Valhalla wrote:Every normal 8+ women(no fame/millions) I've seen today walking alongside a normal guy(who is 8+) has had these traits

Very wide broad shoulders
At least 6'2" and up. I've noticed this is one is oddly specific. For some reason once you hit 6'2" you're way more noticeable. I rarely see super hot girls with guys even at 6' or 5'11"
Around 180-220 lbs
Very aesthetic face which means: square jawline, excellent eyebrows, defined cheekboned, peircing eyes, good facial symmetry, a little stubble, perfectly shaped nose
Generally lighter skined

I've talked to these guys or overheard them. The game they run is is simply dont fuck up game. They generally let the girl do most of the talking as she not so subtly giggles and paws at him. They don't try too hard with banter or wit. As long as they don't say something ridiculously stupid they're getting laid. The woman will facilitate this happening. It's reverse what we do. She'll talk to him, txt him, and facilitate the logistics of the bang. Watching a woman speaking with a really attractive man is impressive. The entire dynamic is switched.

Travesty444 wrote:Hot girls would plan birthdays for (that weren't dating them the girls were trying to get in the guy's pants), show up at their house randomly, chase them to their dorm room.

kinjutsu wrote:This right here. On the money. Girls are hella forward with you if you're strikingly attractive. A model guy (tall white guy) i was friends with constantly had pussy falling out of the sky. He's a bit of a stoner and naturally aloof. So a lot of these girls went unnoticed by him. Everywhere we went. Everywhere. Girls would grab his hands and put them on their ass and boobs. Grab his phone and put their numbers in it, they'd be shocked to see his contact list was full from all the other girl numbers he had.

I think any guy with an average face can go up a point or 2 with clothes and a good physique. [Editor's note: This is laughable.]
Then there's plastic surgery to enhance the jaw line, forehead, nose and cheeks.[This makes up for delusion of the preceding sentence and should have replaced it.]

It's like Earth discovering another intelligent planet.
Classy is when a woman has everything to flaunt, but chooses not show it.
Lookism two, rolling.

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