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Samsung wrote:
GeneticRecombination wrote:He sure is making a better use of the money he scammed from worthless incels.

Just lol at this fucking guy. Guess what, now he started his new own company: "4 week natural", where you get to spend day and night with alex for 3000 dollars for 4 weeks.

There will be 12 slots every time, so 3000 x 12 = 36.000 dollar monthly income :lol:

Then I am right, this former RSD guy has no ethics (not that any PUA company employee does). The sad thing is there will be a ton of incels who will fall for this shit.

Why can't incels and other dating challenged men realise that they are actually helping these PUA scammers get better with women, by financing their playboy lifestyle. What I mean by this is, because the PUA instructor doesn't have to work (thanks to the suckers who cough up the $3K for the bootcamps), these PUAs have enough money and spare time to travel the world and meet women.
This is what happens whenever I approach women.




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