PUAs coping Tinder experiment, GET IN LOL

Share your experiences with the opposite sex. Suggest ways to improve your success. Analyze the behavior of females in real life and online. Rant and rave about females. Show the importance of looks pertaining to attracting females and other social situations. Discuss aesthetics and the science of attractiveness. Exchange health, nutrition and looksmaxing tips.

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Guy posted this:









I thought it was very useful, but that profile is overwhelming... At first, but I can picture myself in that photo. At that party, in that suit, with that same look on my face, text the same way he does, and get reviews.

I can picture a semi ugly fat guy in that same picture and still get positive results. It's in the congruence. There is so much value being given in that picture and that same confidence shown in text.

it's pretty good text game most of the time

I don't know man.

At first when I look at stuff like this it makes me feel like, shit, if only my face was that attractive to girls blabla what if it's all looks bla bla...

But tbh..

How boring would that fucking be? How boring would it be to be the guy who's just good looking and was born that way and that's his life, just everythign handed to him? Its the equivalent of a hot girl. And then what? What drive would I have?

What badass shit would I have to go through?

And when I get to that point I'm happy that I'm me. I think about it in terms of like a game, and its kind of exactly what I would pick. Make a character that has no limit on potential, but doesn't have it super easy at the beginning, and then you huste and concquer and be the fucking "one".

The other side of this is that the person in each convo has rock solid self amusement, congruence, unapologetic intent, unreactiveness. If you look closely it doesn't really matter what the girl says. The picture might give the guy permission to act that way, the behavior gets him to the finish line.

Looks dont mean shit bro. I'm a really good looking guy and I believe my looks hurt me more then they help. I get the validation from girls but never take action on it and im still a fucking chode. It feels nice having a girl stare at you and you dont want to lose that validation so you dont even go over and talk to her. I just chode out, and think to myself "oh if I go over and talk to her she'll find out what an actual loser I am" REAL TALK

Holy fuck kill it with fire
Mike mew crew
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sauce? link?


puanewb wrote:They're like trans-sexuals reasoning biological sex isn't a thing.

Yes. The mental gymnastics some people do to deny reality is laughable.

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CaptainOCD wrote:That's from my blog!!
Props to Lord101 for doing the tindering!

Good work there, its spreading like wildfire. Saw a topic about it on a norwegian forum yesterday, guys refering to it whining about how all girls are superficial whores who shouldnt have no power.

It is happening.

Btw, ever though of making money from it? I know nothing about passive incomes and shit but aint there some stuff out there which basicly gives you money the more clicks you get on your website or some crap. This shit is controversal so alot of people will find it interesting.

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