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From now on, the whole next month I will dedicate to raise my T levels naturally.
I checked them a few days ago after coming off supplementation for a few days (hope it was enough) and the results were:

Testosteron 643,63 ng/dl

After this month I am interested in seeing an increase to at least 950 ng/dl, optimally above 1000. Is this too much to aim for?
I will try literally everything, even if I will have to implement 70 new habits daily.
Today I will devote to create a plan:

The goal for today is to create a lifestyle I could continue until the end of my life, every day. It has to be bearable, interesting, not that time absorbing, and actually fun. Also, low budget requirement as if I move out I wanna still be able to afford it.

It will include :

1. Affordable (low cost) supplementation
2. Dietary changes
3. Behavioral changes/Habituary changes, such as cold showers, excercise routine etc.
4. Mind changes, belief changes, working with archetypes maybe, will have to figure this out just to wire the brain properly.
Some NLP guru learned to release test by behaviors and then kinda wired it into his brain and like negotiated with his body to keep this at all times. Why not try, in worst case this will turn out to be bullshit.

I will try to use these sources, if you can tell me if you think this is legit, some of it seemed to me like this guy was selling some of the things he reccomends: ... naturally/

My Motivational Motto:
Tomorrow I aim for more.

Oh and if you want to give advice please write only if you are above my T levels, for credibility, no offence.

So far I got this - strict routine:

0. Keep the long sleep, possibly change sleeping hours from nightowlish although it may not be good considering parties etc in summer.
1. Cold morning shower.
2. Indulge in T raising activities, buy punching bag, jumping, screaming get a knife and some old clothes. Every few hours.
3. Sprints.
4. Harder and not long gym workouts.
5. Thiking about sex regularily.

Nutrition ... ne-levels/
To lower E
No fucking margarine
Royal Jelly
Holy Basil

Supplements (not all, just the affordable combination) :

Add L-Taurine
Add Zinc
Add Tongkat Ali
Add Suma root
Add D-aspartic Acid
Add Mucuna pruriens
Add Icarin
Add reservatrol
Add more Vit C

Behavioral :

More slayer Body Language.
Talk with more deep voice.
Not too much emotions.
Don't think about fearful things.
Calmness for lower cortisol.

The only thread of any value for several days and 0 replies, just lol at this forum.

I've started a similar quest to raise my T lvls which I'm sure are low.

Apart from what you have listed I've also decided to get rid of everything containing xenoestrogens. Threw out all my plastic waterbottles and tupperware and replaced with high quality stainless steel items. Replaced all grooming and hygiene products with organic ones. Fuck knows if it will have any effect. Atleast my water doesn't taste like plastic any more lol.
Also Im out in the sun tanning every day the weather allows for it. I don't trust my vit D supplements.

How long does it take to get an answer from a hormone test? Would be neat to have one made now and then another in a few months to see if T lvls are up.
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I got it the same day. The lady wanted to give it after 3 days, I said I thought this would take like 1 hour and she laughed and said no way and that she can do it same night though. But it was just T test.

Btw I gotta get all the things for the routine so probably will be starting at 1st.

Gave my mom grocery list of around 30 if not more products from nutrition list.

adding intermittent fasting. next meal in 16 hours.

Dis gon be gud.

Robust Sensei wrote:Gave my mom grocery list of around 30 if not more products from nutrition list.

adding intermittent fasting. next meal in 16 hours.

Dis gon be gud.
Very nice. I'm following a similar routine of raising T-levels, IF, and lifting.

I'm going to meditate 10 mins after waking up and before as well, I'm sure that will help my mental/emotional health.

No fap starting today as well
Absent-minded intellectual

Started off with a well-water-cold shower. Meal in 10 minutes, gotta pump 3000 calories in the next 8 hours.

I am losing hope. All those short T boosts are not enough. I will not be able to fucking jump around the house all my life and every few hours. I feel like it's futile. IDK if I will be able to get to 750 at the end of this week...
I need to buy the rest of the foods and rely mostly on fucking nutrition - EAT every fucking thing to get higher T and LOWER E. Got only like a dozen out of 30 and eat even more all those chilli peppers, button mushrooms etc. All raw.
Gotta buy that shit from some online shopping although some of them are not available in summer unfortunately.

And buy some fucking punching bag. I have destroyed more T - shirts already that I will buy in the next year LOL.

Already thinking about sex more often with actual anticipation (tinder,snapchat helps), this is what I will be able to do willingly and logistically for the rest of my life.

Also, do anybody know how long should cold showers be? I take quick soap like 1-2 mins medium warm, then cold, then ICY COLD (dat well water) for like 3-4 minutes each phase until I fell numb.
It's working perfectly. I feel the results.

Trying to somehow convince my body to always stay at this level I always visualize it after a spike and tell myself to keep it.

I repeat 750. FUCKING. TEST.

I will be mad if that won't work after the whole month.
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What a bloke! What a guy! I commend you for this. Amazing. Keep us posted on your progress.

Yea, don't bother running around the house like a moron. T is supposed to be high in EVERY situation and social setting. Fuck the short spikes. Your goal is to maximize your baseline total and free T.

Let's do it!!


Finally bought every fucking food thing that was missing ( chilli peppers, pumpkin seeds etc...) except things that are only in stores during fall or winter.

Also bought korean ginseng, zinc and Iodine.

How to take Iodine? Its in liquid form and tastes like shit.

Bill : ~ 100 PLN

Best of luck, man. I have gone the artificial route just because I am impatient and have always wanted to.
Two or three surgeries away from being Ja Rule gang.

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So I've been pumping all the shit I bought.
Eating takes a few hours per day just to fucking remember to take all these foods and eat as much as I can.
Between meals, I eat almost non-stop all this shit, pumpkin seeds, celery, chillip peppers etc.

Kinda monotonous but I feel some results already:
Definitely higher sex drive - need at least 1 fap per day more (so around 3 now)
Got way more energy
Bit more happy in general, especially after spikes.

Intermittent fasting is fucking hell, when you have to pump 2,5k+ calories. Yesterday my solar plexus was so fucking hurting from the pineapple+banana milkshake I thought I will be off but kept eating drank tea and it was good. Guess I'm off pineapple for some time. I would feed the person who invented this recipe pineapple spikes.

So I figured setting goals for every week is just fucking stupid. What if all the shit gives me 800-900 and I keep repeating 750 or death to myself, this could only make it worse. Just set the highest desirable point.

1000 ng/dl or DEATH. This is it.

I will trust my body that it will slowly raise those levels throughout this whole month.

I also have gotten a nice theory:
What if the body needs spikes, just to get used to higher levels of T?
Maybe I should do all the T spiking activities just for my body to kinda understand it's better to keep higher level and more beneficial in general?

Also, I ask one more time : How to take Iodine and how much ?
Not much info on the webz

I invented a plan change.

Now I am CERTAIN my levels rised at least a bit. I fap at least 3 times per day, I got WAY more energy whole day except morning etc. Before I had also much energy but not this level and I fapped 1-2 times per day.

I will increase both dosages of all the foods, and increase supplementation gradually. I can't stop at eating everything daily. I will increase all and see the levels later. I am now sure its good not to start eating ALL the things at the beggining daily. It has to be gradual for the body to get used.

Eventually I want to finish this whole thing in 3 weeks and see how big or small the difference is.

Also noticed something peculiar. Doing all these T raising things is kinda PAINFUL and mainly.

Eating raw ginger is bigger pain than even eating 1 raw chilli pepper. All those cold showers etc. are very unpleasant AT FIRST.

Only exception is dry foods such as pumpkin seeds and nuts.

It all correlates. If you live high T dominant lifestyle your T will raise. Its all corelated.

Also implementing relaxation breaks to some soul music it relaxes me so fucking much literally 0 thoughts.

I remember the Brainiac test that CruiseControl posted here and it raised 200 ng and decreased 200ng in both of the cases just by activities.

I can't roid it up now because my running pulse is 170 (walking 120) + no funds ATM + I still want to try the natural way before going artificial way.
If after this month my T will be <800 I will think about it nonetheless.

Any other herbs you reccomend?

This week I will order a few more of the "add supplementation" list.


I smell different
I dont get scared or intimidated as easily as before
I started sleeping like a baby, short is sufficient
I always get tired aroind midnight no matter when I go to sleep.
Bought DHEA, currently at 50mg, will increase gradually.

Because DHEA converts either into estrol or testosterone, and it is based on wha the body NEEDS, I will definitely indulge in more T raising activities.

Tomorrow I will create a list of estrogen or cortisol provoking behavior, and every time it arises I will break the pattern with Predator Look to signal to my brain in those situations I need Test not fucking corisol to shit my pants. Also I pretty much do around 5% estrogenic behavior daily so dont have to be concerned about that
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