Do smartphones contribute to shitcunt behaviour?

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This is really an argument about how the Amish control their females. As a non violent group they obviously treat their females quite well but their females are not feminists, so how do they control them? One aspect is that they are against phones (as well as television, internet and movies). They do allow phones for outgoing calls only but they place the phone in a shack out in a field so that it's use is inconvenient and uncomfortable.

I found this which is feminist: ... KaibShpmJ8

and I will quote the abstract here:

Integrating mobile technology into women's everyday lives has rendered fantasies (and realties) around enhancing one's personal safety in multi-tasking while fulfilling the often gendered expectations of constant contact, accessibility, and responsibility. Mobile intimacy changes the user's perception of their current social environment. A survey study was conducted using 197 female college students from a large US public institution to investigate whether women imagine their mobile phones to be weapons of self-defense. Significant results indicate that not only do women imagine their mobile phones to be weapons of self-defense, they view mobile phones to be more effective than a more traditional weapon, like pepper spray. Mobile phones do promote personal safety and disaster relief, yet over-reliance on mobile phone use can be detrimental.

So imagine two women walking down two streets. One has a mobile phone while the other doesn't. The one with the mobile phone is arrogant and treats people badly because if she encounters any opposition she can just call for Whiteknights help using her mobile phone. The one without a mobile phone treats people well because she feels vulnerable. If she caused trouble, such as calling a male stranger "eww", she would not be able to call for help. She realises that her inferiority would result in her loosing if she were dumb enough to insult a male on that street. So she behaves much better.

The recommendation here is that if you have a female that behaves badly, instead of becoming violent which would be illegal, instead you should confiscate her mobile phone for a couple of weeks to see if her behaviour improves. If you have an arrogant daughter take her mobile phone away.

So if the inferiority of the female is corrected in some way then they will argue for equality, and the mobile phone is an example of something that is doing that. If you want a female who behaves better then look for one that does not have a mobile phone, or obsesses over it.

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